How To Deal With Babies Who Do Not Like Flaccid Breasts (not Full Of Breast Milk)?

Illustration of How To Deal With Babies Who Do Not Like Flaccid Breasts (not Full Of Breast Milk)?
Illustration: How To Deal With Babies Who Do Not Like Flaccid Breasts (not Full Of Breast Milk)?

, my child does not like to breastfeed if the breasts are soft / milk coming out slowly or gradually. she will tug at the nipple and end up fussy even though when it is milked it still comes out even a little. just silent when presented with breasts that are full enough. I am afraid that he is not getting enough protection because his fuel only increases a little. how to fix it huh?

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Problems with breastfeeding often stem from latching problems between the baby and the mother's breast. When the breasts are full, the latch becomes easier for the baby. When the breasts are not full, you can still try to attach them well in the following ways.

First, make sure the baby is in a straight line, starting from the baby's head to the back. To do this, place the baby's stomach facing the mother's stomach, so that the baby's head is facing the mother's breast without having to look. Visiting will make it more difficult for the baby to suckle and swallow breast milk. When the baby is in the correct position, place your nipple against the chin or cheek around the baby's mouth. A hungry baby will try to follow the direction of the nipple and the baby's mouth will open wide. When the baby's mouth is wide open, insert the breast until the entire areola (the darker part of the breast) is in the baby's mouth, not just the nipple. Babies need to start from the areola to suck the milk out. Pay attention to the baby's mouth. The baby's lower lip should be folded out (dower). This position of the lips ensures maximum milk suction. To position them, gently pull the baby's chin downwards. Make sure the baby's chin is always on the breast during the breastfeeding process. The baby will look calm or fall asleep when they are full. A full baby will let go of attachments on its own. Mothers can try the methods above to make breastfeeding easier. Also watch for signs of a hungry baby. A baby's crying is not always because the baby is hungry. Even if the baby's crying is caused by a hungry baby, you should calm the baby first before breastfeeding. Breastfeeding will not be effective if the baby is already angry. It would be very good if you can recognize the signs of a hungry baby, so that you can breastfeed before the baby gets angry or cries. If the baby is already angry or crying, pick up and hug the baby. Calm the baby in Mother's arms. If the baby is calmer, then start breastfeeding the baby. Newborn babies usually feed every 2-3 hours for 30 minutes on each breast.

Make sure you always monitor the baby's growth by measuring the baby's weight and length every month at the Posyandu or the nearest doctor. If your baby is growing under a normal curve, or is gaining weight not following the curve, you should take your baby to the pediatrician for further testing. If you have done the methods above but the baby is still difficult to breastfeed, you should also consult with your pediatrician. It is not impossible, there are structural and functional disorders in the oral cavity that make it difficult for the baby to breastfeed. Continue to exclusively breastfeed your child until the age of 6 months. Breast milk is the best milk that can be given to babies. During the breastfeeding process, you can continue the pregnancy supplements that you took while pregnant.

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