How To Deal With Baby Blues Mothers, And Babies Get Jaundice?

Illustration of How To Deal With Baby Blues Mothers, And Babies Get Jaundice?
Illustration: How To Deal With Baby Blues Mothers, And Babies Get Jaundice?

Hello, my wife at home has baby blues, and my baby has jaundice. My baby today is 7 days old, my baby was born normally induced, due to rupture of membranes. What should I do?

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Hello Haqeem,

Thank you for asking

Most mothers who give birth will indeed experience babyblues, although in varying degrees of severity, some are mild, some are severe, to depression. Some of the symptoms that often appear when mothers experience babyblues are mood swing (mood swings), easy to sad and cry, insomnia, excessive anxiety, impaired appetite, difficulty concentrating, easily offended, and so on. This condition is largely motivated by hormonal conditions (especially due to sudden drops of the hormones estrogen and progesterone) mothers who are not stable, coupled with physical changes (the body is no longer ideal shape, a little milk production, a lot of stretch marks) that makes mothers no longer believe self, as well as emotional changes (especially due to lack of sleep, fatigue, feeling unable to take care of the baby and / or husband well, feeling all things happen out of control) in the mother. Lack of support from partners and relatives, a history of severe trauma in the past, to have certain psychiatric disorders (such as bipolar disorder, excessive anxiety disorder, or depression) can also increase the risk of a mother experiencing babyblues.

Obviously babyblues in mothers must be handled properly. If not, not only the mother is affected, but also the newborn baby. Especially if the condition is like your baby suffering from jaundice, so his mother must be breastfeeding a lot.

Our advice, help your wife overcome her condition by:

Lighten the task, help the work as much as you can, for example in taking care of the house, bathing children, changing diapers, accompanying children to play
Make your wife more relaxed, such as by massaging her, listen to her complaints, avoid saying things that offend her, occasionally take her on vacation and do the things she likes
Remind your wife to always eat regularly, drink a lot, and don't stress, worry, or be afraid of excessive so that her milk production is maintained
Also ask your wife to breastfeed your baby regularly, for the good of the baby himself
So that your wife still has time to rest, you can ask your wife to express her milk, so that it can be given to other babies when your wife is resting
Reassure your wife that she has become a good wife, and you will also help her to be a good mother too
Meet your wife's needs, including eating and drinking, good clothes, a comfortable home atmosphere, and being close to her loved ones (if possible)
Dry your baby in a sunny room every morning and evening so the yellow gets better
Also give understanding to the family and others around the wife to help your wife lighten her burden and always strengthen your wife in the midst of the new status that she holds as a mother

Most mild cases of babyblues will improve with natural treatment as above in 1 to 2 weeks after copy, as well as jaundice experienced by your baby. Therefore, if you observe the condition of your wife and baby is not getting better, do not hesitate to ask them to see a doctor, a pediatrician (for your baby), or a psychiatrist (for your wife) in order to get the best treatment.

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