How To Deal With Bad Behavior In My Younger Sibling?

Illustration of How To Deal With Bad Behavior In My Younger Sibling?
Illustration: How To Deal With Bad Behavior In My Younger Sibling?

I have a 14-year-old younger brother. Want to enter the age of 15 years. because of business affairs my parents went out of town for 3 months. several days I noticed my sister often playing penis while shaking until sperm came out. I just ignore it. in the afternoon I invite my friends to drink coffee. after a night I could not sleep, I suggested my sister to take sleeping pills, I also took sleeping pills while sleeping in the living room after 1 hour I slept very fast on the couch. tomorrow morning I wake up and as usual I brush my teeth, I look in the mirror I see on my chin faint but there is a white sticky liquid in my mouth also still tastes bland sticky liquid and my cleavage is also a little wet and sticky. because there was a strange sense of coincidence in the living room there was a cctv I rushed to check the cctv footage how surprised I was I saw my first sister he was like watching me and he started to come close and start pinching my cheeks and ran away I also didn’t feel anything at that time, he did the same thing next he grabbed my chest and ran away for a number of times and then he squeezed my breast and away for several times. and then because maybe he felt safe at around 11 pm he squeezed my breasts and put my hands behind my tanktop then he kissed me and he lowered his pants and he put his penis in my mouth until his sperm entered my mouth and he rubbed my vagina and he seemed to lick my pussy. Then he also rubbed his penis and a little input into my vagina that I noticed his penis was full of sperm, his penis was also small so it didn’t look like he had ever had sex. That night was not my fertile period and just now I met the doctor also gave medicine, and I drank after being checked I was not pregnant. Docs question Is at my age 17 years old this doesn’t matter? Is my sister normal? What should I do?

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Hello Elsa! Thank you for asking at

I understand you must be very confused and worried. First, the step you can take is to tell your parents. However, your younger sibling is still underage and still needs guidance from your parents. Try to get your parents to hear an explanation from you before scolding your sister directly. Try to stay calm while giving an explanation to your parents. Maybe, because your parents often go out of town for a long time, your little brother doesn't get enough guidance about his body changes during puberty. Your sister may be currently experiencing confusion with these changes. Your sister needs good counseling and guidance, especially from your parents. If you are confused about how to convey to parents, you can ask for help from religious leaders or other adults who you trust to convey this to your parents.

You, your parents, and your sister may need to see a psychiatrist to help find a way out of this problem. Your younger sibling needs to be assisted so that he can control his mind, so that he does not violate the norm. A psychiatrist may also help you improve your relationship with your sister. At this time, of course your relationship with your sister becomes disturbed and awkward due to the incident. Your parents also need counseling to be able to help your sister better. This is quite serious, it is not enough that your parents only scold your sister. In fact, scolding him is not the right thing. Your sister needs to know what her mistakes are and why they are wrong. Your sister also needs to know what is right and what should be done.

That's all information from me. Hope it helps and hopefully a good solution is provided for your family.


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