How To Deal With BAK Is Not Smooth In Patients With Ovarian Cysts?

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, I am 34 years old and married, at this time I have a 4.5cm cyst, these few days my BAK is not smooth as if it feels like a lump in my bladder u0026 I always want BAK. I ask for information, does the cyst need to be operated on?

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Hello Dyah Fitri

Thank you for your question

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form in the ovaries or ovaries, can grow on both ovaries or on one of the ovaries (only the left or right). Where based on the level of malignancy, these cysts are divided into two groups, namely nonneoplastic (functional or normal cysts or not malignancy) and neoplastic (abnormal or malignant cysts). Nonneoplastic cysts are benign and usually deflate on their own after 2 to 3 months, whereas neoplastic cysts generally require surgery because they usually increase in size and the cyst cells are malignant. The surgical procedure depends on the size and nature of the cyst. Symptoms of this cyst usually rarely appear if the size of the cyst is small enough, but if the size of the cyst begins to increase significantly, symptoms can be found in sufferers such as: stomach feels full, heavy and bloated, pressure on the rectum and bladder (difficulty urinating) , irregular and often painful menstrual cycles, persistent or recurring pelvic pain that can spread to the lower back and thighs, painful intercourse, nausea, urge to vomit, or hardening of the breasts similar to that during pregnancy. If there is twisting of the cyst at its base, there can be very intense lower abdominal pain. An ultrasound examination (USG) is needed on the ovaries to assess the condition of this cyst. Usually, if a cyst is less than 5 cm in size, it is considered a functional or normal cyst and will usually disappear on its own and be absorbed by the body after some time. However, if the cyst causes symptoms and is larger in size after a re-examination, the obstetrician will usually consider surgery on the ovary to remove the cyst. Usually, to help reduce the size of the cyst, therapy can be given with a combination of estrogen and progesterone birth control pills. So indeed to determine whether you have to do surgery on a cyst that appears, you should do an examination with an obstetrician.

For complaints when urinating that you feel, this condition may not be caused by the presence of a cyst that you are experiencing. Because indeed symptoms of urinary tract suppression in patients with new cysts will occur when the size of the cyst is large enough to suppress the urinary tract. The condition of urinary disorders that you experience can be caused because you have a urinary tract infection, where infection or inflammation occurs in both the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra. There are two types of UTI, namely lower and upper UTI. Lower UTI is an infection that occurs in the urethra and bladder, characterized by symptoms of a constant urge to urinate, pain or burning when urinating, cloudy urine color, and strong urine odor. Meanwhile, upper UTI is an infection that occurs in the ureters and kidneys, with symptoms of pain in the groin, nausea, and fever. If not treated immediately, the UTI below will cause an infection in the kidneys (spread infection). UTI treatment itself is by giving antibiotics for at least 7 days and given anti-pain if you also experience pain. However, a supporting examination must be carried out first, namely a urine examination to find out whether you have a urinary tract infection.

So if complaints of urinary disturbances continue, you should consult the nearest doctor and you must understand that this does not mean that urinary disorders are an indication that you have to undergo a cyst surgical procedure.

Hope this answer helps you.

dr. Aldy Valentino

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