How To Deal With Bartholin Gland Inflammation?

Illustration of How To Deal With Bartholin Gland Inflammation?
Illustration: How To Deal With Bartholin Gland Inflammation?

Initially I wanted to control the link after giving birth, because it felt uncomfortable when sitting and walking, the midwife said it was good, this is the name Kelanjar Barhtholin, how is it good handling? And my midwife was given antibiotics (topcillin 500mg), pain medication (500 mg mafenamic acid), swelling drugs (carbidu 0.75 / dexamethasone 0.75 mg), in the morning when I want to change clothes inside there is like vaginal discharge but it’s a bit thick rich in brown lumps, the smell is sie rich whitish and not right when I DO NOT come out like vaginal discharge but it is clear green and a bit smelly, is that dangerous? r nI feel uncomfortable sitting like something is annoying and actually I don’t know The Bartholin Gland is like, but when I clean the vargina it looks like there is a swelling on the right, when I hold it it doesn’t hurt, it just doesn’t hurt if it makes it feel a little uncomfortable, how good the handler is, because my midwife was just told to wash using betel leaf stew

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Bartholin's glands are located on the inner side of the vaginal lips on the right and left. These glands function to produce lubricating fluid in the vagina, for example when you have sex. Normally, the secretions that come out of these glands are clear, sometimes whitish, without any other complaints, including itching, odor, stinging, pain, or swelling around the vagina.

If there is inflammation of the Bartholin's glands (Bartholinitis), there can be swelling in the vagina, it can be right, left, or both, which causes the sufferer to feel uncomfortable, such as a lump, pain, sore, and so on. This pain can worsen when the patient has a lot of activity, during sexual intercourse, and when wearing too tight pants. In addition to pain and swelling, Bartholin's gland inflammation can also cause excessive vaginal discharge and fluid-filled sacs called cysts to appear.

Inflammation of the Bartholin's glands can occur due to blockage of the outlet from the gland itself. This blockage often occurs due to bacterial infection, although it does not rule out other causes. This infection is also a possibility that causes abnormal vaginal discharge, which is clotted, a lot, greenish in color, and smells bad as you are currently experiencing. Apart from poor hygiene, this infection can also be transmitted by unhealthy sexual activity. Not only that, stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, irritation of intimate organs, to fistulas and malignancies around the vagina can also make vaginal discharge worse.

If the complaint has not improved after undergoing treatment from a midwife, we recommend that you consult a doctor or obstetrician directly. Usually, with a regular physical examination, the doctor is able to identify the right treatment for your complaint. The doctor can also perform further tests, such as urine tests, examination of cervical mucus, biopsy, ultrasound, pap smears, and so on so that treatment can be done precisely.

In addition to seeing a doctor, here are some treatment steps that you can apply at home:

Soaking in warm water, this way, the inflammation around the genitals (including in the Bartholin's glands) can improve. Maintain good hygiene. Do not engage in risky sexual activity, including having sex with partners who have no clear sexual history. If possible, do not first have sex. before being declared safe by a doctor (to minimize the transmission of infection to your sexual partner) Change your underwear regularly at least 2 times a day Drink more water Do not wear pants that are too tight and made from rough materials.

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