How To Deal With Blackened Facial Skin In The Folds Of A Smile?

Illustration of How To Deal With Blackened Facial Skin In The Folds Of A Smile?
Illustration: How To Deal With Blackened Facial Skin In The Folds Of A Smile?

Hello good evening I want to ask the color of the skin on my face blackened in the folds of the smile from the side of the nose “to near the mouth like forming a sideboards or mustache, this is very disturbing my appearance because there will be an acra in a few days at the end of the week I did not know this effect smping from what products I use vitacid on 11 slm 7 times each mlm routine and the smping effect is already natural now it’s a bit better because I stopped using it because the smping effect disrupts the activities, then stlg mndsa all I can in the smping folds “smpai as soon as possible, because I stop using it because the smpingny effect interferes with the activity, then stlg mtsa mrsa in the part of the smping folds” smpai as soon as possible smping feels itchy and dry, so I use itching lotion caladine because there is an itchy medicine that I have used to relieve itching, but after using it, my skin that is applied with lotion caladine becomes black with different skin on my face, or this is also influential because I use vitacid with natural white secret aha natural wash wardah? How do I restore my skin’s color? Some days so that at least it doesn’t look too black when it is on fire so much it disrupts my appearance and reduces my confidence even if it is overwritten by the makeup cushion it still looks and the skin is still rather dry, skincare, natural masks or ap products that I can use to restore wrna my skin is so that it will be like before? I smear it on my face because my skin is blackened, because the use of 3 products that I don’t know is the smping effect of the same product and I use aloe vera wrdah moisturizer to moisturize my skin that is still dry, plisss help me overcome this skin problem thank you

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Hello Chaca,

Thank you for the question.

Areas of body folds, including the smile lines on the face, are prone to blackening due to excessive friction. However, if this blackish color appears accompanied by itchy and dry skin conditions, there may be other factors that aggravate it, for example:

Irritations or allergies due to inappropriate use of skin care products, including creams or lotions that you use

Xerosis (dry skin)
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Skin infections, such as those from fungi, bacteria, or other microorganisms
Others, such as sunburn, genetics, malnutrition, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and so on

This condition often cannot be treated in a short time. But it takes several weeks to get better along with the process of skin regeneration.

So that the condition of your skin back bright, not itchy or dry, as before, you should immediately consult a doctor or dermatologist huh .. Some types of creams, ointments, or maybe drugs and other therapeutic modalities can be given by doctors so that your complaints improve. At home, you can do the following independent handling:

Do not rub or scratch excessively blackened skin areas
Wash and wash your face diligently with cleansing soap that suits your skin type
Carefully dry your skin after washing your face, use a soft fluffy towel
Use a moisturizer and sunscreen first before your activity
Not excessive wearing cosmetics on the face, always clean the cosmetics before going to sleep
Expand to eat fruits and vegetables that are good for nourishing the skin, rich in vitamin C, and drink more water
Don't sleep too late at night
Do not carelessly use certain skin care products without consulting first to the doctor

Hope this helps ...

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