How To Deal With Body Temperature That Dropped Dramatically After A Fever?

Illustration of How To Deal With Body Temperature That Dropped Dramatically After A Fever?
Illustration: How To Deal With Body Temperature That Dropped Dramatically After A Fever?

I took a few days of fever and then I brought the doctrine and gave me a fever-lowering medication and antibiotics, I only took 2x the heat down but until 35.1, my hands and feet went cold and sweaty, was that normal? And should the antibiotics still be finished?

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Normal body temperature can be between 36.5-37.5 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius the body temperature is high or often this condition is called fever. But on the contrary if the body temperature is below 36.5 it can also be called a low body temperature.

Fever is a normal physiological response when the body's immune system is reacting to fight bacteria, viruses or something else in the body by increasing body temperature. High body temperature if left unchecked can also cause dehydration. And usually given paracetamol or other antipyretic drugs to reduce fever and temperature back to normal.

Low body temperature can be called hypothermia. Body temperature that is too low can also be life threatening because it slows down the nervous system and results in the failure of heart and respiratory organs and death. But someone is said to have hypothermia if the body temperature is below 35 degrees Celsius. This condition can occur if someone is exposed to cold weather, not wearing clothes when cold,

In adults, symptoms that will be felt include shivering, unclear speech, short and slow breathing, and slowly losing consciousness. While the symptoms that occur in infants are cold and red skin.

If your child's body temperature is 35.2, this temperature is a low body temperature. This low temperature can be influenced by several factors, so consider the following if the child has a low temperature;

Keep the baby's warmth for example by providing skin contact with the mother, by holding or hugging your child
Give your baby clothes that can warm to give a jacket, cover head pad baby, and blanket the child to keep the body warm.
Avoid cold exposure, for example to temporarily adjust the room temperature to be too cold. If you use the AC, you can temporarily turn off the AC
Try to keep the body dry, if the child's body is wet with sweat immediately wipe with a warm dry towel and keep warmth

Also make sure you have measured the temperature the right way, sometimes measuring your body temperature with a tool can also be inaccurate. If you use a digital thermometer, this thermometer can be used on parts of the body such as the mouth, underarms, and anus. However, make sure that you do not use the same thermometer to measure the temperature in the anus with the temperature in the armpit or mouth.

The usage will be different for each type of thermometer. Following are the correct steps regarding the use of a digital thermometer

Clean the thermometer first with an alcohol swab
Turn on your thermometer by pressing the button and don't put it directly on the child's body, and wait for the writing on the screen to stop flashing.
Place the thermometer in the armpit crease, making sure the thermometer is in direct contact with the child's skin type. If the body is wet because of sweat you should dry it first.
Hold the thermometer in the same position for about 40 seconds
Take the thermometer from the armpit, then read the writing that appears on the screen

However, if you have done this method and your baby's body temperature is still uncomfortable, you should immediately consult a doctor at the emergency room or the nearest health facility. In addition, antibiotic consumption should not be stopped without the advice or knowledge of the doctor who gave it. Because the consumption of antibiotics that are not as recommended can cause resistance to antibiotics. And give a fever-lowering drug if the child feels a fever or the temperature of the child exceeds 37.5.

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