How To Deal With Boils In The Anus?

ter I am 16 years old I have boils in the anus please recover right tell me the address of my hospital expert because I’ve asked the hospital said it was an ordinary boil

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Hi Rizky,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, is it true that you have ever checked your complaints to the hospital and diagnosed with boils? If so, then, wouldn't the doctor also give you treatment to deal with these boils?

Boils occur when bacteria enter and infect the hair root. This condition will appear as a reddish lump with a middle part that contains pus, feels painful, feels warm, and can be quite large in size if not handled properly. Boils can appear on any part of the body that has hair roots, including the buttocks area. This condition can certainly be very disturbing for sufferers, especially when sitting, sleeping, and carrying out other activities.

Boils can be treated with antibiotics, either topically (applied directly to the skin) or by mouth (swallowed through the mouth). In more severe cases, where the boil does not go away even though it has been given treatment, a doctor can also operate (surgery). Determination of the best treatment for boils, as you experience, should be decided directly by a doctor.

However, you also need to know, that there are various types of other diseases that can show clinical symptoms similar to ulcers, including anal abscesses, cutaneous candidiasis, bacterial or other viral infections, benign or malignant tumors, and so on. Therefore, you should not rush to draw conclusions.

Check your complaint first to a doctor or a specialist in the skin and genitals so that it can be observed closely, is it true that you are experiencing ulcers, or other skin diseases. That way, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment tailored to the cause of your complaint. At home, so that boils can heal faster, here are tips you can try:

Not holding a boil with dirty hands, let alone trying to squeeze or gouge it by force
Clean the anus well and the surrounding area, including after bathing and urinating
Avoid having sex (including anal sex) with a partner whose sexual history is unknown
Change your pants regularly, morning and evening
Don't exchange pants with other people
Maintain your endurance, by always consuming healthy and nutritious food, adequate rest, and exercise routine

Each doctor, based on his competence, can deal with boils in the anus, not only dermatologist, but also a general practitioner. With regard to medical ethics, we are not authorized to recommend to you certain health facilities which are considered the best in handling your complaints. Try asking you directly to the health facility closest to your residence in relation to the right steps that you have to take, right?

I hope this helps.

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