How To Deal With Breast Cancer?

Illustration of How To Deal With Breast Cancer?
Illustration: How To Deal With Breast Cancer?

Hello, r nI am a breast cancer patient, the results after surgery (lumpectomy) the doctor took the cancer and grade 1 IDC tissue, 3,3cm (margins are clear), inside there are DSIC, 2cm, grade 2 and sentinel nodes were taken missing. micrometas +/- 1mm. What are the different stages and do I have to ask for the oncotype dx / mammaprint test? R n

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Determination of cancer grading or staging in Indonesia is using the TNM classification method (tumor, nodule and metastases). What is assessed on the patient's condition for staging is by =

Determining the size of the tumor, the bigger the tumor, the higher the stage of the cancer.
Determining the presence or absence of involvement of the lymph glands around the original (primary) tumor, the presence of involvement of the lymph nodes indicates an increased stage of cancer.
Whether there is involvement of other organs either around the primary tumor or elsewhere (metastases = the spread of primary cancer to other parts of the body), with the involvement of other organs, the stage of the cancer will get worse.

To determine the stage of breast cancer you will need a pathological examination of the cancerous tissue, CT SCAN (to determine if nodule is involved or other metastases), Bone scan (to determine the presence or absence of bone metastases or PETSCAN.

Therefore, consultation and in-depth examination of the doctor who treats you is required. With this test will be obtained clearly about your condition in detail.

Determination of the type of breast cancer will be important because of the differences in therapy that will be carried out. In breast cancer, there are types of cancer that are =

hormonal (high hormone levels cause the tumor to enlarge rapidly)
is HER 2 positive (involvement of genes in the patient's body, causing tumors to arise)
non hormonal and non HER 2 (is the type most difficult to treat).

the only difference is in determining the type of treatment, in the hormonal type, hormone-suppressing drugs will be needed, while for type her 2 positive special drugs will be needed during chemotherapy. Of course this condition will greatly benefit cancer patients because treatment measures will be very specific (according to the type of cancer being experienced) and specifically for these patients.

While mammaprint is a special gene test that can be done at the beginning of a cancer diagnosis. This is considered good because it can determine the appropriate type of therapy and increase the rate of improving the quality of life for the next 5 years (5 years survival rate) and reducing the rate of cancer recurrence. However, this test is quite expensive so that not everyone is able to accommodate these medical tests.

Ideally, the determination of the type of cancer will be necessary for optimal treatment. Consult with your doctor about these tests so you can determine the best step for your condition.

Manage stress and continue to support yourself. Surround your life with people who are supportive and strengthen you mentally and physically, eat balanced nutrition and get enough rest, and take medication as directed by your doctor.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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