How To Deal With Breast Lumps?

Illustration of How To Deal With Breast Lumps?
Illustration: How To Deal With Breast Lumps?

Good night, I have a lump in my breast symptoms when I have a recurrence sometimes shortness of breath, body aches until my back, anxiety, middle of feeling like a fever / fever. Can it be called a benign tumor?

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Related lumps felt in the breast. It should be noted and seen the following points

Did the lump quickly enlarge
Are lumps of pain continuously
Are there other complaints on the breast such as discharge from the nipple
Is there any weight loss

What bodily hormone imbalance during the menstrual cycle when the hormone is increased can cause the breast to feel harder and sometimes accompanied by mild pain.

Lumps in the breast can be caused by many conditions, including:

Fibroadenoma mammae (FAM), is a benign tumor that is round, dense, chewy, when pressed it does not feel painful and does not stick to the chest wall

Mammary fibrocystis, a benign tumor arising from hormonal changes, generally during menstruation, feels hard / soft and painful with suppression

Cysts, in the form of fluid-filled sacs, feel soft, sometimes can cause pain

Cancer, which is a hard lump, does not shift with pressure, generally causing changes in breast shape, such as nipples being pulled in, wrinkled skin, nipples pus or blood, etc.

To determine the cause, you are advised to see a surgeon. The doctor will do a physical examination and additional tests, such as breast ultrasound or biopsy (taking a little lump tissue). Treatment, whether or not to be operated on, will be adjusted to the underlying cause.

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