How To Deal With Bronchitis?

Illustration of How To Deal With Bronchitis?
Illustration: How To Deal With Bronchitis?

I am again the process of working to Korea but prohibited from working in Korea not far from the disease, but the positive disease must not be unfit to work or positively suffer from diseases, diseases that should not go to Korea: 1. HIV, TB, TB, old tb active, color blindness, hepatitis and a type of infectious disease, while many of my friends who fail a lot of medical on D-day want to go and not go, even though the doctor where my friend is positive is not suffering, especially most common tuberculosis, but at medical X RAY at the hospital from the party for special medical Korean migrant workers said he had tuberculosis even though my friend did not have a history of tuberculosis from a small age but because of X RAY there were spots on the lungs failed … said my friend once had bronchitis and it was failed to go to korea, told to heal first … My question is whether bronchitis can be cured and can remove the spots on the lungs ** due to bronchitis, how to to cure it without spotting in the lungs **, because I have bronchitis.

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Hello Cloud, thank you for asking

Bronchitis is inflammation of the main respiratory tract called bronchial premises which is usually characterized by complaints of coughing that lasts more than 1 week. Bronchitis is divided into two forms, namely:

Acute bronchitis, usually experienced by children aged 5 years and below and usually recover by itself within one week to 10 days Chronic bronchitis is usually experienced by adults aged 40 years and over. Chronic bronchitis can last up to 2 months, and is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In terms of medical, doctors will treat patients based on clinical or clinical examination seen from the patient's complaints as well as physical examination. Pulmonary X-rays are as a supplementary examination or auxiliary examination to enforce the type of disease.

Treatment given to bronchitis in the form of medications to reduce symptoms such as drugs to reduce cough, drugs to thin the phlegm and drugs to relieve respiratory tract and antibiotics if bacterial infection is suspected.

In the case of pulmonary infections, X-ray images will show patchy spots which in medical terms are called infiltrates. Infiltrates found in lung X-rays can indicate an infection in the active and inactive lung. And usually what needs to be treated is an active infection or a case of lung infection that can be contagious. But in the case of a picture of white patches that are not active or "traces of infection" alone does not require specific therapy.

In this case the doctor will treat based on clinical appearance or complaints but can not treat until the X-ray picture of the spot is gone. In some cases, white patches on the x-ray impose scar tissue that occurs as a result of an infectious process that cannot go away with treatment and usually these white patches or scar tissue on the lung can be permanent. However, in acute cases white spots on the lung picture can disappear along with the improvement of clinical complaints in sufferers.

For work requirements this will depend on the agency where you work. Some agencies will pay close attention to detail including the X-ray examination without considering in terms of examinations and clinical complaints of prospective workers.

If you experience bronchitis, you should consult a pulmonary specialist to get further treatment and examination to support your health and healing or to prevent the chronic lung infection from causing chronic scarring.

In addition to supporting your health, some things can also reduce bronchitis complaints for example:

Drink enough water at least 8- 12 glasses per day Inhaling warm water vapor to relieve coughing and thinning mucus in the respiratory tract Stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke Use a mask when doing activities outside the home to avoid smoke pollution which is also dangerous for the respiratory tract Some answers from us, hopefully useful

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