How To Deal With Burns On The Bulging Hands?

Illustration of How To Deal With Burns On The Bulging Hands?
Illustration: How To Deal With Burns On The Bulging Hands?

My mother is 78 years old. His right palm was splashed with hot cooking oil. A small portion hit the elbow. When I got hit, my mother screamed in pain. But I just leave it be, I think it’s normal. A few days later, a reddish looked in his hand. He looked lethargic, his body heat, lack of appetite. I take it to the health center. I have not talked, the doctor saw my mother’s hand. I say, my mother was hot last night, lethargic. The doctor said due to the wound on his hand. Given levetran ointment, Paracetamol, vitamin B and antacids. My mother now has an improved appetite. But still lethargic and sometimes complains his hands hurt. Even though I saw that the wound had turned black although it was still bubbling. My mother was not able to hold a dipper in a bath, had difficulty cutting side dishes with a spoon, difficulty in ponytails. The question was, how long did my mother have to do it? While the medicine taken is up. Only the ointment is still large.

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Burns, including splashes of hot oil, can indeed cause inflamed skin, so that it looks reddish, painful, swollen, wet, and bubbly. If this condition is your mother's natural, the possibility of burns included in degrees II to III. In burns with a heavier degree, after healing, this burn can cause skin pigmentation disorders, so it looks white, or even black. The skin has an important role in body temperature regulation. Therefore, disruption of the skin structure due to burns can indeed make sufferers experience fever (body heat).

If burns that appear are mild, are well cared for, and only involve minimal areas of the skin, often these conditions do not cause systemic complaints, such as lethargy, prolonged fever, and decreased appetite. This complaint may be due to your mother's severe burns, having a secondary infection (usually due to poor hygiene), or also involving a fairly wide surface area.

For that, if most of the doctor's handling has been given, and your mother's condition does not seem to improve, you can check her back to the doctor or surgeon. How long the healing period of this burn can certainly vary depending on the severity, endurance of your mother's body, as well as the treatment given. However, with the right handling, of course healing can also take place more quickly.

To help your mother recover faster, try the following tips:

Help your mother in her activities, so that there are no difficulties
Ask your mother to rest more
Clean the burn, which is with a sterile gauze moistened with liquid NaCl, then give the drug as the doctor advised
Give your mother comfortable clothes, not cause excessive friction on burns
Give your mother a paracetamol medication to help ease her pain and fever
Give your mother plenty to drink, and eat nutritiously
Do not carelessly add drugs or other substances to overcome the condition of your mother, without direct advice from your doctor

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