How To Deal With Burns That Are Not Dry And Itchy?

Illustration of How To Deal With Burns That Are Not Dry And Itchy?
Illustration: How To Deal With Burns That Are Not Dry And Itchy?

good night, r nI have burns on my leg, the wound hasn’t dried yet it feels like it doesn’t hurt / throbbing, but it’s really itchy, I just ate the egg, how do I deal with it?

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Burns can be divided into several degrees depending on the depth. In addition, the determination of the severity of burns also needs to be done by considering the surface area of ​​the affected skin.

Need to be clarified, in which part of the body is the exact location of your burns? What is the condition of the wound now? How widespread is the burn? Besides itching, do you also feel other complaints, for example fever, festering wounds, and so on?

Itching in a burn can be a natural thing to happen as part of an inflammatory reaction on the skin that is regenerating after experiencing a burn. However, it can also indicate that itching burns you have a secondary infection, or inflammation of the skin due to other causes, for example allergies, irritation, insect bites, and so on.

Your wound is not yet dry, if it is small in size, superficial in depth, does not involve vital areas, and is well cared for cleanliness does not always indicate a dangerous condition. However, it is feared that if you don't get adequate treatment, this moist wound can make it easier for infectious microorganisms to multiply, so that your wound will be more difficult to heal.

We recommend that you check your skin condition directly to a doctor, dermatologist, or surgeon. In mild conditions, burns will often improve with the administration of topical medicines, including antibiotics, antihistamines, and several other drugs according to your wound condition. However, in more serious conditions, your doctor may also direct you to undergo more stringent observations at the hospital.

In the meantime, so that the burns heal quickly and no longer feel itchy, you can do the following steps:

Clean your burns periodically with sterile gauze moistened with liquid NaCl
Don't rub excessive burns
Do not sprinkle or rub anything on the burn without doctor's advice
Wear clothes that are comfortable and don't cause excessive friction on burns
Drink more
Improve your personal hygiene

Hope this helps ...

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