How To Deal With Cavities In The Upper Part?

Illustration of How To Deal With Cavities In The Upper Part?
Illustration: How To Deal With Cavities In The Upper Part?

, my teeth have cavities at the top. And these days, rasamlnya aching. What I have heard is that extracting the upper teeth is not permitted because it is related to the nerve of the eye. Is it really like that? If it is true, what other alternatives for healing upper cavities without tooth extraction? Please help. thank you

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Random tooth extraction can be dangerous, but does not cause blindness. tooth extraction effects that may occur is the onset of infection that results in swelling.

basically there is no direct relationship between the nerves of the teeth and nerves of the eye, so it is not true that extracting molars can cause eye problems such as blindness. the lips, tongue, teeth and jaw, especially in the extraction of wisdom teeth. These complications are generally temporary but can be permanent as well.

Pulling teeth like pulling the upper teeth is the last action that must be done because the teeth can no longer be maintained. If there is tooth decay that has not been so severe, usually the doctor will maintain the tooth so as not to be revoked. If the problematic tooth must be removed then you should first make sure the teeth are not sick. Tooth extraction is not permitted when the tooth is sick because it can trigger an infection.

Therefore, consult your dentist first. The dentist will determine the right treatment according to your health condition.

You can read the following article matters relating to tooth extraction

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