How To Deal With Cavities

Illustration of How To Deal With Cavities
Illustration: How To Deal With Cavities

Hello, I’m Aldasaya I want to ask, a few days ago I got a toothache because I had a hole, I took medicine but it hasn’t healed. Suddenly in the morning I was ready to take a bath, my left face was stiff, I couldn’t move it, my eye was also difficult to move In fact, I can’t smile, it’s also rather difficult to talk. That’s why yes? Is it related to my teeth or what?

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

The condition that you experience with the symptoms experienced can be a condition related to an infection in your tooth area where the bacterial infection can cause the condition especially if it is not handled properly but it could also be other possibilities such as

Bells palsy, which is a disorder of the nerve 7 where it can be triggered by a prolonged infection or exposure to air on the side of the face usually will appear stiff symptoms on the side of the face
Blockages in the blood vessels of the brain can occur suddenly and usually the upper normal facial area is only the affected lower part of the face

If this happens to the entire face then it may be an infection or bells palsy this is not an emergency and can be prevented from continuing with

Maintain cleanliness of the mouth and teeth
Do dental care
Can be considered antibiotic but according to the dentist's recommendation

If the condition still persists, you should consult a doctor, especially a neurologist so that you can handle treatment for nerve inflammation that has also occurred.

However, if the condition is difficult to be moved only the lower face, accompanied by disruption in the movement of the extremities then this should be immediately taken to the nearest hospital

Thus information may be useful

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