How To Deal With Chest Pain, Anxiety And Stomach Acid Increased?

, I feel prolonged sad. Unstable emotions and explosive bursts. My chest hurts. My langbung acid is always high and the pain doesn’t go away. Feelings always worry. I am mentally disturbed. I am very afraid to do or say everything. But this only happens to one person. And I can’t go away from this person. What should I do. And what are the drugs that can help to overcome them? thank you

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Hello Novianazria, Thank you for your question.

Have you consulted with further mental specialists? Further examination by a doctor is needed to determine the cause of your complaint with certainty so that the doctor can provide the right treatment for you. The complaints you submit can be caused by:

anxiety disorder acute stress disorder depression personality disorder gastric acid disease If this complaint is very disturbing, you should immediately consult a mental specialist directly. The doctor will do a question and answer to find out more about your condition. After confirming your medical condition, the new doctor can determine the next treatment for you which can be psychological therapy and medication. The treatment that will be given by a doctor is not always the same for every medical condition. Therefore, it is important for you to undergo this examination. Avoid taking drugs without doctor's advice.

Please also do the following suggestions:

manage stress well, try to share with your family or your closest friends about the burden of your mind exercising regularly.

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