How To Deal With Chicken Pox On The Face, Hands, Feet To The Genitals?

Illustration of How To Deal With Chicken Pox On The Face, Hands, Feet To The Genitals?
Illustration: How To Deal With Chicken Pox On The Face, Hands, Feet To The Genitals?

I want to have chicken pox on my face, hands, feet and genitals. If I have a lot of red puffiness until it goes flat, then I will give a medicine called ointment CLINOVIR ACyclovir 5% / r nAnd there is a cure 5 times the name is ACICLOVIR 400MG. R nTrs I see there appear in the genitals as well. What are the dangers. I love the acyclovir CLINOVIR ointment on the genitals?

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Chickenpox in medical language is called varicella zooster, which is caused by the varicella virus. This virus is easily transmitted through the patient's body fluids or direct contact.
As with viral infections, often this disease is transmitted to someone with decreased immunity, and will disappear by itself as the body's immune system increases. When chickenpox symptoms have decreased, the virus does not immediately disappear from the body, but instead settles in the nervous system in an inactive state. If one day the endurance decreases again, the virus will reactivate and cause different symptoms. Fortunately, someone who has had chickenpox, will never experience a recurrence of a similar illness in his life.
Because chickenpox is caused by a viral infection when the resistance decreases, the disease can heal by itself as the immune system develops in the body. Antiviral drugs such as acyclovir have a better effect when used in the early stages of infection. This drug works by inhibiting the development of viruses and does not get rid of viruses in the body. It is the body's immune system that works optimally to eliminate the virus. Side effects that can be felt are disorders of the digestive tract such as bloating, begging, nausea, headache, drowsiness, etc. Topical acyclovir in the form of a cream / ointment is safe to use, but you should avoid using diarea eyes, mouth and nose. Acyclovir is also safe to use in the area around the genitals, but this drug does not prevent transmission of the disease so it is strongly recommended not to have sexual relations while the infection is still ongoing.
To help reduce the complaints you feel, the following things can be done:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods

Inadequate water needs

Get enough rest

Avoid stress and fatigue

Do not interact in the outside environment in order to minimize transmission

Can use itching powder to reduce itching on smallpox scars

Don't intentionally rub the liquid streamers

If there are complaints that interfere or do not get better, it is advisable to do a consultation and examination to your nearest doctor. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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