How To Deal With Children Aged 3.5 Years Who Often Laugh And Cry Suddenly?

Illustration of How To Deal With Children Aged 3.5 Years Who Often Laugh And Cry Suddenly?
Illustration: How To Deal With Children Aged 3.5 Years Who Often Laugh And Cry Suddenly?

, I have a daughter aged 3.5 years, my student often laughs without cause. Such as asking ordinary things like “have you eaten?” He will laugh first before answering, laughing too loudly with the same intonation all the time. He if crying is also not controlled.

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Crying and laughing is a normal thing to do. will shed tears when feeling sad or laughing out loud because of a joke made by a friend. However, did you know that there are one million people in this world who often cry and laugh suddenly, act under control, and often at the wrong time, this response is not a sign of a happy or sad mood, but rather the possibility of a nervous system disorder called pseudobulbar affect or commonly abbreviated as PBA.

Scientists believe that PBA is the result of damage to the prefrontal cortex, an area of ​​the brain that helps control emotions. Changes in brain chemicals related to depression and mood may also play a role. PBA can usually also occur in people with neurological conditions or injuries, including stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Multiple sclerosis (MS), brain tumors and automatic brain injury.

It is better to ensure the condition of your student, you can take him to a psychiatrist by discussing it with his parents first because this possibility can be said to be a mental disorder that must be treated. so the doctor can carry out a direct examination and provide proper handling

there are also some things that can be done to control PBA.

Need to do relaxation techniques, especially in the shoulder and forehead muscles, after the symptoms of PBA end.
Some of the techniques include breathing deeply, meditation, yoga, and art and music therapy. This technique will also help reduce interference
If it is true that students with PBA disease should explain their condition to the people around them, so that they are not surprised or confused when PBA symptoms suddenly appear.

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