How To Deal With Children Who Often Hold Their Urine At Night?

Illustration of How To Deal With Children Who Often Hold Their Urine At Night?
Illustration: How To Deal With Children Who Often Hold Their Urine At Night?

Noon …. I want to ask my 3 year old son if the day seems to be smooth but at night he doesn’t want to pee and the next day when he wakes up he asks to pee but he says it hurts but not every day, for example, when normal mlm pees three times and earlier, I didn’t pee, I woke up asking to pee, I said it hurt because I didn’t use it at the Diiapers or there were other complaints r nThank you

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Hi Uthyra,

Thank you for asking

Training children to go to the bathroom without diapers (toilet training) often takes a long time. First, children must be taught to express their desire when they want to go to the bathroom. Parents also have to frequently ask whether the child wants to pee or not. In addition, children also need to get used to defecating in the toilet. This is not solely a matter of differences in location (i.e., at first the child can defecate anywhere while using diapers, but then they have to learn to defecate in the toilet), but also time (children have to spend time between playing activities to defecate), etc. This process certainly requires patience, diligence, and high discipline.

Children who don't want to urinate at night can have many causes, for example:

Not comfortable with the atmosphere of the toilet at night, for example because it is dark, slippery, and so on
Do not want to leave the activities he is doing, for example, when he is eating, playing
Bored, for example, because the way you ask your child to urinate tends to be pushy or unattractive to your child
Do not want to urinate, for example because of a little drinking, and so on

If your child doesn't wet the bed, this condition is usually harmless. However, the pain your child experiences when urinating in the morning could indicate an infection or stones in the urinary tract. This condition can be triggered by the habit of holding back urination that he often does.

You should check your child directly to the doctor. If you find signs of infection or stones in other urinary tracts, such as back pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, anyang-anyangan, cloudy, reddish, or strong smelling urine, the doctor is likely will suggest that your child has a urine test, x-ray, or ultrasound. If no specific disease is detected, generally no special treatment needs to be done.

The following initial steps you can take to train your child to urinate in the morning:

Explain repeatedly to the child the dangers of holding back urination
Avoid giving rewards or punishments when the child succeeds or refuses to urinate
Encourage the child to urinate in an interesting way
Create a toilet atmosphere that makes children happy, for example by putting down a favorite toy or pasting funny pictures
Reduce drinking too much before bedtime, give it at other times
Teach children to always keep their intimate organs clean

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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