How To Deal With Children’s Diarrhea For 4 Days?

Illustration of How To Deal With Children’s Diarrhea For 4 Days?
Illustration: How To Deal With Children’s Diarrhea For 4 Days?

Night, my child is 4 days old, starting at night until tonight, he still has diarrhea, which comes out in the form of water ,, r nBefore diarrhea, I eat kebuli rice and goat meat, is it because of food or because of what? R nI breastfeed, My child’s body is not hot, but still strong … r nPlease for a solution, thank you

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Hello Mrs. Yutika,

Diarrhea in infants is often caused by rotavirus infection or due to allergies to certain foods. In this case, you can re-evaluate whether the method of breastfeeding is correct? If you are giving breast milk to a baby using a pacifier or cup feeder, make sure the device is sterilized and that the milk is stored properly. If your child is breastfeeding directly (direct breastdeeding) make sure that you have cleaned the nipples thoroughly before and after breastfeeding the baby. Also pay attention to the baby's oral cavity and tongue, if there is white plaque then this can cause diarrhea in the baby.

Consuming goat meat, rice kebuli or spicy food is not directly related to diarrhea in children. Things that breastfeeding mothers need to avoid include:

Alcoholic beverages caffeine smoke foods that contain mercury such as tuna, tuna, mackerel and shark. Certain fruit or vegetable herbal medicines that trigger bloating and allergies such as cabbage, pineapple, wheat, etc. In this case the mother needs to be more careful in consuming food and pay attention to whether there is an effect on the baby. Mother can read in full in the following article about handling diarrhea experienced by your child, continue to breastfeed the baby according to their needs to avoid dehydration. Pay attention to the child's stool whether it contains mucus, blood or the frequency is increasing, and also note if the child seems increasingly weak or has a fever. if one or more of these signs occur, see a doctor immediately, ma'am


dr. Barrel

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