How To Deal With Choking And Rising Stomach Acid In The Elderly?

Illustration of How To Deal With Choking And Rising Stomach Acid In The Elderly?
Illustration: How To Deal With Choking And Rising Stomach Acid In The Elderly?

Good afternoon, I have a grandfather with the age of more than 70 years. it’s been 1 month that he could not sit for long and just lay there. And it’s been 4 days my grandfather did not want to eat while he had a history of stomach ulcers and stomach acid, yesterday only in love to drink it also choked then rich in shortness of breath then did not move and the eyes to the eyes of the rich or unconscious. After a few minutes he coughed, and said he had wanted to cough but was difficult. So, what should I do to overcome this problem, we have also taken him to the doctor (this week has been 2x) but there is no sign of good development. Should I just infuse it, because it’s hard to eat?

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Related to choking that is experienced, it should be noted and equipped with some relevant information such as when the symptoms were experienced, for accompanying symptoms of difficulty moving, tightness, and the eye up whether one side or all, if consciousness seems to decline, what are the history of illness experienced by the patient, whether there is a history of falls or trauma. Based on complaints made, there is a possibility that the diagnosis is still quite broad, especially choking

- stroke

- Increase in stomach acid (GERD)
- Convulsions

Stroke is a condition of disruption of blood flow in the brain that occurs due to rupture or blockage of blood vessels. This causes some parts of the brain to experience cell death so that there will be disrupted bodily functions related to the main function of the brain which is to coordinate the whole body and is usually one-sided because brain functions are divided into right and left. Symptoms experienced are severe headache, nausea, vomiting, decreased consciousness, convulsions, paralysis on one side of the body, damage to facial nerves such as difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing, impaired vision.

An increase in stomach acid (GERD) is a symptom of pain in the upper abdomen and feels spread to the chest associated with increased acid. This causes the back of the mouth to feel bitter. Gastric acid that rises up to the mouth area will irritate the lining in the mouth, causing pain to swallow.

Seizure is a symptom condition in the form of stiffness which is called a tonic type spasm and can occur in certain body parts not the whole body which is called a type of focal seizure. In a seizure condition. This condition is associated with a disturbance in the brain's relationship system. In the condition of seizures can usually be accompanied by decreased consciousness, other types of seizures in the form of twitching or twitching throughout the body, accompanied by fever, dizziness, strange feelings, or feel the smell of something unusual, flashes of light, impaired function to swallow and speak.

In conditions where difficulty swallowing is accompanied by other symptoms that lead to stroke and seizures should be immediately taken to the emergency room of the hospital because it is an emergency condition for further treatment will be adjusted.

In other conditions, it can start with things you can do at home such as

- Drink or eat while sitting
- Drink with a straw
- Eat with a soft form

For further treatment, you can consult a specialist doctor inside.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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