How To Deal With Chronic Ear And Eardrum Infections?

Illustration of How To Deal With Chronic Ear And Eardrum Infections?
Illustration: How To Deal With Chronic Ear And Eardrum Infections?

Hello Doctor …, Based on my discussion yesterday, I finally did a check back to the ENT doctor. After I checked it turned out that the liquid that came out of my ear was pus mixed with blood. after remembering I just realized, that since junior high school every time I finished swimming my ears hurt and it turned out to be an infection, because my ear wax was hard maybe the infection fluid could not come out and only visible now after my earwax was cleaned by suctioning. then the doctor who examined me said that my eardrum had been chronically damaged for a long time. apparently it was a separate disease that I had suffered for a long time, not because it sucked up my earwax. Can a damaged eardrum be cured? if by way of surgery, what is the operating cost? thanks.

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The cause of a perforated eardrum, tearing or rupture can vary from injury due to pressure or puncture from the outside, sudden and sudden changes in pressure, or due to infection of the ear. in more detail, here are some conditions that might cause them:

Acute otitis media
Chronic suppurative otitis media, in which otitis media is induced which does not get proper and immediate treatment and lasts for a long time causing tears to the eardrum
Injury, both blow and impact to the head or ears
Acoustic trauma, due to very loud sounds such as explosions, gunfire, etc.
Penetrated with foreign objects, such as cotton buds

Treatment can be given to the eardrum that has been torn varies depending on the location and pattern of tears that occur in the eardrum, which must be assessed and assessed by an ENT specialist. In general, if the tear is small and is not accompanied by ongoing infection, the tear can close on its own, but in some other cases accompanied by a prolonged ear infection requires an operation called a tympanoplasty to repair the damaged drum.

Related to the cost of surgery, this again depends on the type of action taken, the method of action, as well as the presence or absence of medical complications that accompany. and do not forget that each institution has different policies and regulations.

therefore it is better if you can consult and discuss this with the ENT specialist who has previously treated you to determine the best treatment steps for you.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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