How To Deal With Chronic GERD

Illustration of How To Deal With Chronic GERD
Illustration: How To Deal With Chronic GERD

Hello Doc, I am Andra 30 years old, I have been suffering from gastric acid since 12 years ago, it used to only hurt in the stomach, but now it has started to make me feel pain in my chest, especially in the middle but sometimes moved and shortness of breath, until my throat the lower part of feeling like suffocating, so that makes me often feel anxious and anxious, so that I feel afraid of what this is actually sick .. lastly I went to the doctor specialist in internal medicine, but the results of rongsen showed my lungs and heart in good health. only given medication for stomach acid, but after two weeks I still feel tightness and pain, is this really called gerd’s pain? Can I come to a specialist for an examination and consultation? thanks.

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Hi Andra,

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Based on your complaint, you have a history of stomach acid, long or chronic. Gastric acid that is left and not treated routinely will cause some complications.

Increased gastric acid is caused by several factors, including stress, irregular eating patterns, consumption of spicy foods, coffee, noodles and acids. If people with gastric acid still ignore the prohibited things then over time it will cause irritation to the esophagus and esophagus. If there is inflammation in the esophagus and reflux or acid backflow into the esophagus will cause GERD. Which is characterized by burning sensation in the middle of the chest and accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting. Even sometimes accompanied by a sense of puncture in the back.

Treatment for stomach acid generally takes about 6 weeks, if there are no complaints, patients still have to take the drug, plus a healthy lifestyle and good stress management. if ignoring both of them will emerge other complications such as injury to the stomach and intestine which will cause a black stool and digestion becomes disturbed.

Therefore, if the doctor prescribes the drug, it should be taken regularly even though the complaints have diminished, because the stomach is always associated with food so it needs proper protection.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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