How To Deal With Chronic Hypokalemi?

Good evening .. r nI am Ratih. I have 2 years of hypokalemi disease. He has also been hospitalized several times. Every month I routinely check potassium levels, and always eat bananas every day. But why does hypokalemi always recur especially when I just wake up. Hands and feet all stiff. Am I in the category of hypo periodic paralysis? And do you have to check your potassium with urine too so you can know where my potassium loss came from? Mhon his help. R nTrims

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Hello Ratih,

Hypokalemia is characterized by blood potassium levels that are less than 3.5 mmol / L. It is said to be moderate if the potassium level is 2.5-3 mmol / L and heavy if it is less than 2.5 mmol / L. Severe hypokalemia can be life threatening.

Hypokalemia can occur due to inadequate intake of potassium, excess potassium leaving the body (increased excretion) or displacement of potassium from extracellular to intracellular. The most frequent is increased excretion.

The following are examples of causes of hypokalemia:

Inadequate intake:

Eating disorders, eg anorexia, bulimia, hunger, pica disorder, alcoholism
Dental problems, which make it impossible to chew or swallow
Inadequate nutritional intake

Increased excretion of potassium:

Mineralocorticoid excess, eg in Cushing's syndrome, primary or secondary hyperaldosteronism, steroid therapy
Effects of drugs, eg diuretics
Genetic disorders, eg Gitelaman syndrome, Bartter's syndrome, etc.
Continuous vomiting, severe diarrhea

Transfer of potassium from extracellular to intracellular:

Metabolic and respiratory alkalosis
Insulin or glucose intake
Hypokalemic periodic paralysis
Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis

Of course, the terms above are difficult to understand. But doctor Ratih will certainly try his best to find out the cause of the potassium deficiency that Ratih repeatedly suffers from. Ratih needs blood and urine tests to find out the cause. Apart from that, a detailed history is needed to determine whether the disease is experiencing ratih.

Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is a disorder that causes periodic muscle weakness and causes low potassium in the blood. This disorder is a congenital disorder, usually inherited from one parent, but can also not be inherited. In people with this disorder, potassium in the blood passes to muscle cells in an abnormal manner.

Maybe it is true that what Ratih experienced is hypokalemic periodic paralysis, but still needs further examination to be sure. It is still possible that the disorder is caused by something else. So, currently Ratih can still follow the doctor's recommendation. Apart from regular control, Ratih can also maintain potassium levels by consuming bananas, avocados, kiwi, spinach, tomatoes, nuts and so on.

Hopefully this is useful,

dr. Mega

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