How To Deal With Colds In Babies Aged 2 Months?

Illustration of How To Deal With Colds In Babies Aged 2 Months?
Illustration: How To Deal With Colds In Babies Aged 2 Months?

Afternoon … my child is 2 months old … his breath feels like he has a cold clogged sound like a grok “I know .. r nTp now there is never any snot coming out … r nAlready dried in the sun every morning … special aromatic oil dedication baby..have gone to a pediatrician, but now nothing has changed .. r nDn I want to ask … how can steam be able to release mucus in a baby in the hospital? r nPlease answer … thanks

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Hello, good morning Mrs. Lily

Treating colds in babies is not easy. This is because the mucocilliary clearance system in infants is not as perfect as adults, so the treatment time is generally longer than in adult patients. In addition, the baby is also unable to get rid of his nose, which increases the possibility of mucus buildup in the airways.

What you have done, namely checking your child to the pediatrician is right, this is to prevent worsening of the disease, considering that upper respiratory tract infections in babies are very easy to develop into lower respiratory tract infections (bronchopneumonia / wet lungs). We recommend that you complete the medication given by your pediatrician. In addition, here are some tips from us to help deal with nasal congestion in babies:

help the baby blow his nose by sucking the baby's nose using an aspirator (nasal suction device) or infant nasal bulb (small dropper) which can be purchased at a pharmacy or baby supply store using saline / saline solution (can be purchased at the pharmacy) which is dripped into the nose baby to thin the snot and make it easier for the mucus to come out, after that suction the snot again with an aspirator. You can steam at home independently, by storing a basin of warm water, then help the baby to inhale the steam from the warm water. Another way is to take the child to the bathroom with the hot water tap on, so that your child can breathe in the steam it creates. Mothers are expected to be careful when doing steam at home because steam that is too hot can hurt the baby. After finishing steam, usually still need a mucus suction device to help expel the mucus that has thinned breastfeed as often as possible gently pat the baby's back after finishing steaming or finishing sunbathing on his stomach or sitting on his arm leaning forward in the morning sun. allowed, but make sure that your child is exposed to sufficient sunlight and the weather is not cold, put the baby in a room without air conditioning

If after the medicine runs out and you have tried the recommendations above, the child still has a congested nose and the mucus can't be removed, we recommend that you check your child again with a pediatrician for further treatment. If your child has a very high fever, accompanied by shortness of breath, a flattened nose, refuses to breastfeed, and is weak / always drowsy, immediately take your child to the nearest emergency room.

The subject of steam action for babies in the hospital can be done. However, this depends again on the results of the examination by the examining doctor in the hospital, ma'am .. Not all babies can be given steam in the hospital, for example in conditions of severe shortness of breath. Generally, the steam used in infants is steam with a physiological saline solution without the addition of drugs. This fluid helps thin the mucus lining trapped in the airways. In addition, steam using this liquid can also clear the airway, making it easier for the baby to breathe.

That's all, hopefully it helps and can be understood, ma'am ..

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