How To Deal With Colds In Infants?

Illustration of How To Deal With Colds In Infants?
Illustration: How To Deal With Colds In Infants?

I want to ask, right now the covid pandemic 19, now my child is 8 months old baby has a cough and runny nose, no fever, no fuss, normal appetite, active as usual, breathing can still be smooth through the nose, the question whether I should check right to the doctor? To dsa or to the health center? While I’m parno with covid’s news

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Hello Wahyu,

Thank you for the question.

Coughs and colds in children can not only be caused by COVID-19 (a disease due to Corona virus infection). These complaints can also occur purely due to allergies (such as cold or dust allergies), irritation (such as exposure to smoke or dry air), aspiration of foreign objects into the airways, as well as viral or other bacterial infections (other than Corona virus). Coughs and colds should not be overly worried about during:

 Not accompanied by fever, spasms, vomiting, fatigue, and other more severe complaints Not accompanied by COVID-19 risk factors, such as a history of contact with a COVID-19 sufferer, a history of traveling to an outbreak area of ​​COVID-19, or a history of contact with people who after going to the outbreak area COVID-19 The question is, are you a complaint or risk factors above found in your child?

If not, you should not go straight to the doctor, first resolve your child's complaints by:

 Give him more milk and warm water Don't give him food and drink that is cold and oily Limit him outside the house, especially in the crowd, unless in an emergency. Dry the child in the morning sun so that the mucus that causes coughs and colds melts Improve cleanliness child and surrounding environment Keep it away from cold, dry air, dust, smoke, and other substances that can trigger allergies or irritation in the respiratory tract. If there are other people around the child who are coughing, colds, and fever, keep them away from close contact with children Conversely, if you observe any complaints or risk factors above in your child, do not delay seeing him directly to the doctor. Later the doctor will give your child medicine, or refer him to a pediatrician for further treatment if necessary.

I hope this helps.

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