How To Deal With Confused Baby Nipples When Thrush?

Illustration of How To Deal With Confused Baby Nipples When Thrush?
Illustration: How To Deal With Confused Baby Nipples When Thrush?

Good morning. how come my child doesn’t want to suckle directly with me since he got thrush

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Hi Yuli,

There are various things that can cause the baby does not want to suckle directly from the nipple. Most of these conditions are caused by confused baby nipples, if that is the case you can read the following article to deal with the condition of confused baby nipples. In addition to being confused with nipples, babies who suddenly refuse to suckle from their nipples can also be caused by the following conditions:

As a result of incorrect or uncomfortable breastfeeding position
Psychological factors such as trauma or fear of pain
Teething will
Related to other medical conditions such as colds, mouth sores

Related to these conditions you should stay calm and try to change the position of breastfeeding so that children do not get bored. You should also deal with conditions that are suspected of causing complaints to help resolve your complaints. You can also try dabbing milk around the nipple to encourage breastfeeding. If after handling the baby still does not want to suckle then you can consult with your doctor to get further treatment and advice that suits your condition.

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