How To Deal With Contagious Itching From Pet Dogs?

Illustration of How To Deal With Contagious Itching From Pet Dogs?
Illustration: How To Deal With Contagious Itching From Pet Dogs?

Morning. I want to ask questions after my pet dog experienced itching and falling out all over the body. Suddenly, “our family also experienced speckled salts”, which always couldn’t bear to want to scratch. “I want to give you advice on what medication can reduce the itching

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Hello Septa Aulina Ginting,

Itching caused by pet dogs, not necessarily due to allergies. If the dog is also experiencing itching and hair loss, you should suspect fleas or fungal infection in your dog. Skin disorders in humans that can be transmitted from dogs include:

Flea bites or flea bites. They usually appear as clusters of rashes, most commonly on the feet and ankles, arms, and other parts that are not covered by clothing. Usually accompanied by complaints of itching.
Cheyletiella dermatitis. One of the fleas in dogs that causes hair loss, dry dog ​​skin and dandruff-like. In humans, these animals can cause itchy rashes that cluster and spread all over the body (especially the parts that are not covered by clothing). In some cases it can cause fluid-filled rashes on the skin (bullae).

Scabies. Complaints of very severe itching, especially at night. There can be spots all over the body to the genitals and between the fingers. If you look closely, you can see the grooves or tunnels through which these parasites travel under the skin.
Ringworm. Caused by a yeast infection. In dogs, baldness usually occurs in several areas, accompanied by reddish circles, often occurring in damp places such as behind the dog's ears. In humans, it is usually rarely infected, but when infected it can cause complaints of red spots on the skin, more redness on the edges, the skin looks like scaly / beketombe, itchiness that increases when the air is hot and humid.

If a family in the house experiences the same complaint, it is better if all of them go to the doctor for treatment. Doctors will usually provide itching-reducing drugs either taken orally or smeared. There are several types of ointments and ingredients mixed into water for bathing that your doctor may prescribe and should be used according to the instructions for good results.

Also take your dog to the vet so that it can be examined and treated. Treat regularly until it is completely healed. Clean the entire house, change the sheets and curtains, or you can use a special service to clean the house from animal fleas. Wash hands after handling pet dogs, before eating, before preparing food, after cleaning dog litter. Provide your dog with nutritious food and good care so that it is not susceptible to infection with fleas or fungi.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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