How To Deal With Cough Accompanied By Shortness In Children Aged 9 Years?

Illustration of How To Deal With Cough Accompanied By Shortness In Children Aged 9 Years?
Illustration: How To Deal With Cough Accompanied By Shortness In Children Aged 9 Years?

I want to ask … 1 week ago my ank was rawt in the hospital because of coughing asthma. Her age was 9 years. Overnight overnight with gradual steam handling. 1 hour se x, 2 hours se x, 4 hours se x, up to 12 hours se x. The condition improved in the morning and the PLG was repaired. with a cough medicine, runny nose, shortness and allergic medicine … after 3 days check up according to the doctor’s recommendation, the condition was better. Doctors also recommend that snacks outside, cold weather and dust. God willing, I take care of what the doctor recommends. But why, after the medicine ran out, my child had an asthma cough again and often happened on mlm days, also accompanied by vomiting … How was the solution ?? Please answer … Thanks … Thanks

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Coughing and tightness in children who have a history of asthma, can be caused by several things:

1. Is one of the symptoms of asthma itself: asthma is a narrowing of the respiratory tract due to triggers in the form of allergens such as dust, chocolate or seafood and others. Symptoms of asthma can include shortness, coughing at night, rapid pulse, to severe conditions the child is usually unconscious.

2. Allergic reactions without accompanying asthma: allergic reactions can be coughing, usually allergic appear when there is a trigger such as dust or food or drugs, but usually not accompanied by tightness

3. Respiratory tract infections: acute respiratory infections characterized by coughing usually thick phlegm, greenish yellow, accompanied by flu and fever.

To find out more about the causes and treatment of complaints from the mother's child, you should bring your child to be examined by a pediatrician or a pulmonary specialist.

The cause of complaints of coughing always appears at night in your child, probably because there are still allergens (things that trigger asthma symptoms), such as dust that clings to the bed, foods that cause allergies, cigarette smoke and so on.

Prevention that can be done so that asthma symptoms do not appear include:

1. Avoid allergens (allergens and asthma symptoms): such as dust, foods that have been proven to cause allergic reactions in your child such as seafood, chocolate, and so on

2. Avoid cold weather and dirty air pollution

3. If the child experiences an illness such as a cold cough, please treat it immediately to the doctor

4. Increase the child's immune system by eating regularly, healthy and nutritious

5. Use a control drug and lozenges if needed

6. If there are danger signs such as severe tightness, coughing with high fever, immediately take your child to the nearest hospital emergency room

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