How To Deal With Coughs In Children Aged 3 Months?

Illustration of How To Deal With Coughs In Children Aged 3 Months?
Illustration: How To Deal With Coughs In Children Aged 3 Months?

Night ,, I want to ask nie ,, my child is coughing then I give you the uni baby’s cough syrup ,, I have been using the uni baby’s cough medicine for a long time if my child is coughing ,, Is it good u0026amp; safe if my child takes baby’s cough medicine ??? And but how come I bought this drug, how come the color isn’t white, it’s normal, it’s white, it’s actually yellow to brown, but the expiration date is still 2020 … how come it’s not the same as usual … tuu ?? Is it all different colors? Please give an explanation, okay?

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Hello Anisa Thank you for asking

The drug you are referring to is a syrup containing paracetamol, Guiafenesin, and CTM. The three contents have different functions and work. Paracetamol is an antipyretic drug that is useful for reducing fever. Guaiafenesin is an expectorant class of drugs to treat coughs caused by respiratory disorders which function to thin phlegm. While CTM or chorpheniramine is an antihistamine class of drugs to relieve symptoms associated with allergies.

These three drugs can be purchased without using a prescription, but must be in accordance with the indications. Each drug will be safe for consumption if it is as indicated and also with the right dose. However, over-the-counter cough medicine is not recommended until the child reaches six years of age. Given the age of your child who is only 3 years old, you should first check with your child to the doctor in order to get proper treatment.

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The color of each drug will differ depending on the content of the active ingredient or the composition of the drug itself. Because not all cough syrup drugs contain the same content. However, it should be noted regarding the storage of these syrup drugs, usually not all syrup drugs refer to the expiration date. There are several syrup drugs, such as antibiotics, whose use does not refer to the expiration date. Therefore, pay attention to how to use and use the syrup in the package.

In addition, for children you should not give drugs without checking with a doctor. Related to dosage and also side effects. The dose of the drug in children will usually refer to the child's weight. If your child complains of a cough that interferes with his period, check with the doctor first. In addition, you need to know that drugs do function to help cure symptoms, it's just that giving drugs for children cannot be done carelessly by buying over-the-counter drugs, giving drugs to children that are not right can actually endanger the child's health.

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