How To Deal With Dandruff On The Head?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dandruff On The Head?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dandruff On The Head?

Tonight .. I am Sherly, 15 years old. I want to ask in my head there is a small patch, but I think that’s why it’s been around 3 years too. Now my head is in a race, not much. But I often scrape my dandruff, because itchy hands want to hold. About 1 year ago I had dandruff in the middle of my scalp but it was like that, so I scraped it the next day to become dandruff again, but every day I scrubbed it, but now I can’t. Can I grow more hair on my head? How to overcome it? Oh yes I want to ask one more. How do you deal with arrogance? Thank you

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Hi Sherly

Dandruff on the head is something that is quite often experienced. Dandruff on the head is a condition where the scalp cells grow too fast, which may be caused by interference with the oil glands in the head region. Ketome is not contagious, but usually makes people uncomfortable.

If you have been experiencing dandruff for quite a while, then there are a few tips you can do:

use anti-dandruff shampoo regularly You can also use shampoo with selenium sulfide content (in certain circumstances) Avoid excessive stress avoid being in temperatures that are too humid and hot reduce consumption of sugar and sweeteners and dandruff flavoring usually does not require a special therapy. However, if your dandruff has made hair fall or fall, then you should check yourself directly to the doctor first so that the doctor can examine your condition directly and provide appropriate therapy. Plump hair may no longer be overgrown with hair.

The following article you can read about dandruff

may be useful. thank you

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