How To Deal With Dental Seams That Are Open Again?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dental Seams That Are Open Again?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dental Seams That Are Open Again?

excuse me .. I want to ask .. I just finished the oral surgery to remove molars and 2 weeks later I just got another schedule to open the seams. What is it that is okay or over time ?? sewing again? thanks in advance ..

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Hello Putriviani,

The process of extracting teeth by a surgical technique is called odontectomy. Odontectomy is one of the most commonly performed dental surgeries. Odontectomy is usually chosen as the management of wisdom teeth that experience eruption (impaction) disorders in which the teeth are not usually fully out because of their abnormal position or tilt resting on their front teeth.

Odontectomy can be performed using local anesthesia in patients who are cooperative or can also use general anesthesia in cases of difficult impactions or patients who are not cooperative. Odontectomy is done by cleaving the gums that cover the teeth and form a mucoperiosteal flap. Then the doctor divides the tooth using a drill into smaller parts. The tooth is then lifted out. The part of the mucoperiosteal flap is returned and sewn again. The purpose of sewing is:

Hold the flap to cover the base of the wound
Close / close the edge of the wound to heal faster
Protect the base of the wound (bone / nerve) from infection or irritation
Control bleeding

There are sewing parts that use absorbable yarn (can be absorbed by yourself) or non absorbable yarn. Usually considered the condition of the wound and the consideration of the doctor who took action. Removal of stitches is usually done after 1-2 weeks when using non absorbable threads. As long as there is no massive bleeding, the exposed part of the stitching is generally not sewn back, because the healing process will still occur normally.

Post odontectomy patients must take medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor, namely antibiotics and pain relief in accordance with the rules that have been described. Patients are encouraged to eat foods that are liquid or soft and high protein to accelerate wound healing. Patients must maintain oral hygiene, use a soft bristled toothbrush, and avoid gargling too hard in the early days. Perform control in accordance with the schedule set by the doctor. If bleeding appears in large quantities, severe pain, swelling that does not also subside accompanied by discharge of fluid such as pus from the wound, you should immediately exercise control with your dentist (oral surgery).

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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