How To Deal With Dependence On Pain Relievers?

Good morning? Sorry in advance, I want to find a solution and how do I stop dependence on the drug tramadol. R n Honestly, I only take the drug only when my body feels sick? I can drink 3×1 a day, before leaving for work one day, one afternoon, and one evening? R nPlease ask for advice and a solution 🙏🏻 I wonder, why if I don’t take the medicine a day or two my body droops right.

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Tramadol is a painkiller similar to opioid (narcotic) painkillers. These drugs will work directly on the brain and change the body's taste and response to pain. This drug is a strong drug that cannot be used carelessly and is only prescribed for moderate to severe pain. Because tramadol has properties similar to opioids, it can also be addictive / addictive, and stopping using this drug after long-term use and high doses can also cause withdrawal symptoms.

Some withdrawal symptoms that can occur include:

anxiety and agitation (unable to stay still) nausea vomiting headaches loss of appetite muscle and joint pain visual disturbances sleep disturbances sleeplessness irritability mood disorders and depression tremors etc.

If you experience the above withdrawal symptoms when you are not using this drug, then it is likely that you are indeed experiencing drug addiction. To overcome tramadol addiction, tapering off is necessary to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms. We recommend that you consult directly with your doctor to overcome your addiction. Decreasing the dose of the drug should be done under the supervision of a doctor. To overcome the withdrawal symptoms that appear, your doctor can also give you other drugs that can treat withdrawal symptoms, for example nausea when experiencing nausea and vomiting, other types of painkillers to treat the pain that appears, sedatives to treat anxiety. , and so forth.

Meanwhile, some of the things you can do:

Throw away any tramadol left in your home. Use only medicines prescribed by your doctor, as directed by your doctor. Ask for support from those closest to you to help you get rid of your addiction Avoid the temptation to buy tramadol yourself without a doctor's prescription. Divert your mind to other things such as sports or other activities that are more positive

So much information from me, hopefully it can be useful

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