How To Deal With Depression And Suicide Risk?

Illustration of How To Deal With Depression And Suicide Risk?
Illustration: How To Deal With Depression And Suicide Risk?

Hello Doc. After I read the characteristics of depression, 98% of these features I experience now. Very disturbing my daily activities. I decided to ask here because I have come to the desire to end my life. But I still think about my family, especially parents I if I leave them let alone by means of suicide. I find it hard to believe in anything until it happens directly to my life directly. Is this condition with me, including people with severe depression? And what is the first step that I have to do? Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your feelings. Through this forum, we cannot diagnose whether you are depressed or not. Because depression, or other illnesses in the medical world, whether physical or mental, can only be diagnosed after a direct examination. Especially in mental illness, where symptoms are closely related to daily life. People whose feelings are very sad are not enough to say depression, there must be certain criteria that are met and it must be experienced for at least 2 consecutive weeks to be diagnosed with depression. So it is indeed a one-way question and answer forum, it is not possible for us to diagnose the disease.

But that is not important. When someone feels there is interference with himself, then he should check himself to the doctor. Regardless of whether he has the disease or not, serious or not, can be cured or not, it will be the doctor's duty to diagnose it, not the patient's obligation. Similarly, when someone coughs, even though later it is known that he is coughing just because of choking, it is not a problem to go to the doctor, because at the time of coughing, he might not know that he is just choking normally.

So in your case, with you have read a lot and feel that you are indeed depressed, you should clarify this by checking yourself with a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist or psychiatrist. Because if you don't, you will never know what you are actually experiencing. Moreover, you state that you already want to make a suicide attempt.

So now, try to be solved one by one. First, whatever your problem, whatever your depression causes, whatever your worries, check yourself into a psychiatrist first. Because it needs to be assessed whether you really have a certain mental disorder, and how much your potential to hurt yourself and or others. That's the first thing that needs to be taken care of. If for one reason or another you are difficult or constrained to see a psychiatrist, see a psychologist. The difference is that your psychologist will not take medication if you find that you need it. If you can't also meet with a psychologist, try contacting a suicide prevention service whose information you can find on the internet. But the main choice remains to the psychiatrist.

Then, after the health problem has begun to be handled professionally, start taking care of your life. Separate which is already your problem, and which is your concern. If you've been fired, then that's one example of a problem for you. But if you imagine that your life will still not be successful in the next 10 years, then that is only a concern. Don't think about things that are just worries, and focus on what you're really dealing with.

More specifically, about this and so on you will be guided by professionals later, so that what is important for you now is to seek help first. Don't think about hurting yourself because it can never be a solution. So, hopefully answering your question.

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