How To Deal With Depression Is Characterized By Despair And Lack Of Confidence?

Illustration of How To Deal With Depression Is Characterized By Despair And Lack Of Confidence?
Illustration: How To Deal With Depression Is Characterized By Despair And Lack Of Confidence?

Excuse me, how do I have a friend who is very desperate, confident, he always feels he is useless, I have often encouraged him but still like that, I have to do what?

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Hello Nurlathifah,

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by the main symptoms:

Depressive affect
Loss of interest and excitement
Lack of energy, easily tired, decreased activity

In addition to the 3 main symptoms above, depressed patients can also show other symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, decreased appetite, ideas for self-injury or suicide, sleep disorders. Patients can also experience somatic symptoms such as weight loss, dizziness, whole body aches, and other body symptoms that mimic other illnesses.

A diagnosis of depression can be determined if the patient shows at least 2 of the 3 main symptoms + at least 2 other / additional symptoms for at least 2 weeks (every day there are these symptoms). Depressed patients need a thorough examination, in order to look for any organic cause that causes the symptoms they are experiencing. If the doctor has diagnosed suffering from depression, then the patient requires comprehensive treatment.

Treatment for depression includes:

Antidepressant medication

Electric shock therapy
Support from family and friends

Very good if the patient has a community or place where he can channel a hobby or something that he likes. If there is potential for self-injury, avoid leaving the patient alone, as much as possible there is always someone accompanying the patient. Inviting patients to exercise regularly every day can also help divert patients from negative thoughts.

If your friend shows symptoms of depression as mentioned above, it is better to invite your friend to see a psychiatrist. Early detection of depressive disorders makes treatment give better results and prevents the occurrence of adverse things. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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