How To Deal With Dermatitis On The Soles Of The Feet?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dermatitis On The Soles Of The Feet?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dermatitis On The Soles Of The Feet?

Excuse me, I have dermatitis on the soles of the feet for a long time. The pain is very painful and there is pus. Like relapsing, when my body recurs, it immediately warms up. my leg? Thank you.

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Hi Ayu,

Thank you for asking

Dermatitis refers to an inflamed skin condition. There are so many types of dermatitis, therefore, it needs to be clarified first, what dermatitis do you mean? Have you ever seen a doctor? If so, is there any special treatment that the doctor recommends?

Dermatitis is often characterized by skin conditions that are red, dry, swollen, itchy, sore, or also peeling. Dermatitis alone should not cause suppurating skin, pain, and fever. The condition of your skin that is festering, aching, and also fever is most likely to indicate that your dermatitis has a secondary infection. This infection is prone to occur if you do not properly treat your skin's cleanliness. Poor immune system also plays a role in causing this secondary infection.

Various conditions can trigger dermatitis. Some of the most common examples are atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, and so on. Each of these conditions can have different treatments depending on the cause, severity, and your general health condition.

Given the very limited information you provide relating to the condition of your skin, we are also not authorized to provide any treatment (including in the form of ointments or other drugs). Our advice, you check your complaint directly to a doctor or dermatologist so that the type of complaint you are experiencing, as well as the best treatment.

At this time, you should not be in a hurry to give treatment to the skin of your feet without doctor's advice. Take the following steps first so that your complaints improve:

Bathing diligently and cleanly, but not too long (maximum 5 to 10 minutes), use warm water (lukewarm), not too hot, or too cold Wash your feet diligently Use mild cleansing soap and contains adequate moisturizer When you dry your skin after bathing and washing your feet, do it with care, do not rub excessively. Before you work, use a moisturizer and sunscreen on your skin. Use comfortable, soft padded, and clean footwear too. Don't exchange footwear carelessly with someone else Hope it helps huh ..

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