How To Deal With Diabetic Wounds That Secrete Pus?

Illustration of How To Deal With Diabetic Wounds That Secrete Pus?
Illustration: How To Deal With Diabetic Wounds That Secrete Pus?

Hello sis, permission to ask, Sir, I have wet diabetes, 4 days after the surgery, but there is still pus that comes out, is there any medicine that can absorb pus? The problem is the assistant doctor who operates my father routinely checks every day my father’s wound, and that just cleaned and patched to absorb pus, then he said to try to put a little pressure on my father’s feet so that the pus came out, please find a solution

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Hello Alfian, thank you for the question to

Managing diabetes wounds must be done with patience. Diabetics have disorders of the blood vessels and innervation at the ends (distal) of the body, especially the legs, so that the skin in this area is more prone to injury and if injured will become more difficult to heal. In addition, diabetics are also more susceptible to infections, including infections of wounds on the skin.

After surgery to clean the wound, pus that still comes out of the wound is also not uncommon in diabetics. The principle of management of diabetic wounds is to control blood sugar (because if blood sugar remains high, the wound will remain difficult to heal and remain susceptible to infection), control the infection (by administering antibiotics), ensure good nutrition (from food), and good wound care. No specific medication is given to absorb pus. The drugs given are intended to treat infections so that pus is no longer produced in the wound. Pus in the wound is absorbed by using a dressing (cover or dressing) that can absorb the production of pus or fluid from the wound (this wound dressing has various types). Performing wound care for health workers who are already experts to do it (as you and your father currently do) is the right decision to make.

Another thing you and your father have to do is to also control the internal medicine doctor to manage the infection and control his blood sugar. Your father must also take antidiabetic drugs (or in some conditions also require therapy with insulin) so that his blood sugar is always at normal levels. If you and your father have not done this, you should immediately consult a doctor with internal medicine.

It is better not to apply certain traditional creams or ingredients to the wound if it is not recommended by the doctor who treats your father, so that there is no further infection or further complications in the wound.

The following article you can read about diabetes wound management

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