How To Deal With Diarrhea So As Not To Recur Again?

Illustration of How To Deal With Diarrhea So As Not To Recur Again?
Illustration: How To Deal With Diarrhea So As Not To Recur Again?

Good night. First, I want to share my complaint. I have had diarrhea for two days. I am also confused why this could happen. I have also taken Lodia medicine after eating and drinking quite a lot of water. However, it turns out, on this day, my diarrhea / diarrhea suddenly recurred. According to the doctor, what do you think causes diarrhea / diarrhea? And to reduce or even eliminate it how? Thank you very much.

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Hello Yohanes,

Diarrhea is liquid chapter with frequent frequency. Diarrhea causes quite a lot, but most cases can resolve on their own within a few days. Diarrhea that occurs more than one week or prolonged can be a serious condition.

Causes of diarrhea include:

Viral, bacterial and parasitic infections of the digestive tract Certain drugs such as antibiotics Lactose intolerance. Lactose is a form of sugar found in milk and milk products. Fructose This type of sugar found in fruit and honey can cause diarrhea in people who are unable to digest it properly. Artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol and mannitol which are usually present in gum or sugar-free products. Other digestive disorders, such as Crohn's disease, inflammation of the intestine, impaired absorption food, and irritable bowel syndrome

The drug you mentioned contains loperamide, which works to reduce bowel movements so that bowel movements do not occur continuously and stools are expected to become more congested. That is, this drug only reduces symptoms, without eliminating the cause. If the cause is still there, of course the diarrhea will be repeated. The use of loperamide is actually not recommended if without consulting a doctor, because it can cause side effects such as constipation, discomfort in the stomach, feeling tired, and the risk of allergies.

Actually diarrhea occurs because the body wants to expel germs or substances that are considered dangerous. If the cause is a germ, as long as the germ is still present then maybe diarrhea will continue. You should immediately see a doctor for examination. The doctor will conduct a question and answer session, physical examination, and may conduct a supporting examination such as a stool examination to determine the cause of diarrhea that occurs. If you feel weak, dizzy, feel like fainting, or other signs of dehydration, immediately to the emergency department.

While taking medication, drink more water. While avoiding spicy and sour foods, coffee, milk or other things that can trigger diarrhea. Pay attention to food hygiene, wash your hands before and after eating.

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