How To Deal With Dizziness Because Of Ongoing Sad Feelings?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dizziness Because Of Ongoing Sad Feelings?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dizziness Because Of Ongoing Sad Feelings?

, my parents divorced since I was in elementary school and now I have made it. Until now, I have faced many sad things that made me sometimes suffer from extreme dizziness. Is there a sedative that I can take safely? Thank you

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Hello Arta, thank you for asking

I'm Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Some of the symptoms that you experience are not too specific to determine a diagnosis, but can be classified as mild psychiatric disorders. Chances are happening to you right now are:

PTSD (Post taumatic stress disorder)
Anxiety Disorders

In all three of the above possibilities have symptoms that are similar to one another so sometimes it is difficult for doctors to distinguish. Symptoms that arise usually affect daily activities and are usually disruptive.

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by deep feelings of sadness and a feeling of indifference. There are two symptoms of depression, namely psychological, and physical. In psychological complaints will occur excessive anxiety / worry, emotional instability, despair, frustration, thoughts to end life / self-injury occurs in severe depressive disorders. While physical complaints in the form of feeling weak, easily tired, often dizzy / experiencing pain without apparent reason, decreased appetite.

Some things that can cause depression are having experienced a traumatic / unpleasant event, taking certain drugs for a long time, having a long-standing illness, having another mental / mental disorder.

In PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a psychiatric disorder that occurs after experiencing a tragic event that is experienced by yourself. Actually this is similar to depression triggered by trauma but the difference here is that trauma must be catastrophic trauma that is trauma that if experienced by others will have the same fear effect (example: seeing murder, stricken by natural disasters). Symptoms that arise in addition to similar disorders such as depression include continuous nightmares about terrible events, insomnia, evasive talk about trauma, etc.

Whereas in anxiety disorders, anxiety will arise without any significant disturbance or threat to the patient. Symptoms of anxiety can be feeling bad about something, cold sweats, defecation, palpitations, trembling.

To distinguish some of these diseases, I suggest you do a check-up with a psychiatrist directly to get the right treatment so that your complaints don't get worse and will threaten you.

At this time all you can do is:

Share the problem / story with the people you trust now to alleviate your problem.
Search and join communities with complaints similar to yours, to form a good support group. Being able to share experiences is important.
Meditation can ease your symptoms.
Immediately consult a doctor directly.

So the answers from me hopefully give an illustration.

Thank you, good luck always :)

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