How To Deal With Dizziness, Weakness And Runny Nose?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dizziness, Weakness And Runny Nose?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dizziness, Weakness And Runny Nose?

At night, since 2 days ago my body was dizzy and weak today, my nose is snot continuously, how can I overcome it? Thank you in advance

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Dizziness, weakness, and runny nose may indicate that you are attacked by rhinitis. Rhinitis occurs when the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed. The trigger can be due to allergies or other causes besides allergies (such as viral infections, bacterial infections, vasomotor, cystic fibrosis, drug side effects, and so on). This condition can trigger the release of inflammatory mediators that make the body feel uncomfortable, until finally appear dizzy, weak, decreased appetite, chills, fatigue, and many other complaints.

In addition to rhinitis, your complaints may also occur due to other triggers, for example viral or bacterial infections (can be in the respiratory system, can also be in other organ systems), anemia, hypoglycemia, lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuations (in women for example just before menstruation or early pregnancy), fatigue, stress, and so on.

Without a direct inspection, it seems difficult for us to identify the exact cause of your complaint. We suggest that you try the following steps to make your complaint improve:

Stay away from things that often make you allergic, for example cold temperatures, pollen, animal dander Avoid also contact with excessive dry air, smoke, pollution, dust Increase rest, sleep more regularly Eat also with discipline, vary your food menu Do not carelessly drink drugs without a doctor's prescription Do not think too much However, if up to 3 days your complaints do not improve, but on the contrary, we urge you to check yourself directly to the doctor to be given the right treatment, yes. For cases that are suspected of being serious, it could also be a doctor refer you to the right specialist doctor (for example ENT specialist or internal medicine specialist) or also direct you to undergo further examination (such as laboratory, X-ray, CT scan).

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