How To Deal With Dust Allergies?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dust Allergies?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dust Allergies?

hello, to deal with dust in the house can you use a humidifier / air cleaner such as a humidifier? because during sleep I was very disturbed because of frequent sneezing and nasal congestion. thank you

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An allergic reaction is an excessive body response to certain things or aspects that are generally not harmful to the body. Based on your complaint, there are several possibilities that can cause similar complaints, allergic rhinitis, can be triggered by several factors such as dust, cold air, cigarette smoke, pollution, mites or dust mites, plant dust, etc.

Humidifier as the name implies means an air humidifier which functions to moisturize the air and not filter or filter the air. To clear the air you can use an air purifier or air purifier.

In the meantime what you can do include:

Maintain personal and environmental hygiene
Avoid dust, cigarette smoke, pollution
Avoid the air is too hot or too cold
Avoid the use of fluffy blankets and furry dolls
Changing and cleaning sheets and curtains
Open the window of the house every morning so that air circulates and sunlight enters
Do not smoke
Maintain a healthy and regular diet
Sleep and rest enough
Manage stress

If your complaint does not improve or you are worried you should check with your ENT specialist to get further examination and treatment related to your condition

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