How To Deal With Dyshidrotic Dermatitis (Pompholyx)?

Illustration of How To Deal With Dyshidrotic Dermatitis (Pompholyx)?
Illustration: How To Deal With Dyshidrotic Dermatitis (Pompholyx)?

hello, I want to ask about pomfoliks skin disease. pomfoliks which I suffered on the finger of my right hand. I went to the doctor a month ago and was given the drug methyprednisolone. The first 7 days 16mg, the next 7 days 16mg again, the next 7 days 12mg, and the last 7 days 8mg. but when the dose was decreased by 8mg, on day 5 an lg filled nodule appeared. what should i do? is the medicine that my doctor gave me is correct? thanks.

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Hello, good afternoon Anyastasiapn.

Pompholyx (also known as dyshydrotic dermatitis) is a skin disease characterized by the appearance of water-filled rashes, which are usually found on the sides of the fingers, palms, and soles of the feet. The causes of this condition are moisture, stress, fungal infections of the skin, exposure to chemicals, and heredity.

Pompholyx treatment varies, depending on the severity. Generally, doctors will recommend the use of steroid creams. However, if pompholyx continues to appear or is getting worse, your doctor may suggest other treatment options, one of which is giving steroids (such as the methylprednisolone you are taking). The purpose of this steroid drug is to treat the inflammation that occurs. The use of this steroid should be based on the doctor's recommendation, as well as if the patient is planned to stop treatment with steroids, it should be gradually (gradually decreased the dose) on the doctor's recommendation, to prevent a rebound phenomenon that will worsen the disease condition. Apart from steroids, other treatments that may also be recommended include botox injections, alitretinoin capsules, and phototherapy.

In your case where after a gradual decrease in dosage you experience complaints again, we recommend that you go back to the dermatologist who treats you, so that the skin condition can be examined directly. The doctor may replace your current therapy with another therapy or combine your current therapy with other therapies to relieve the complaints you are currently experiencing. While waiting for your doctor's appointment, we suggest that you keep taking the methylprednisolone you took according to the last dose you took, don't stop this drug suddenly.

Here are some suggestions that we can give regarding the pompholyx disease you are experiencing:

use warm water if washing your hands
avoid direct contact with detergents or other cleaning agents, for example by wearing gloves
use cotton-based gloves that can absorb sweat
avoid scratching the skin that has complaints

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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