How To Deal With Easy Choking When Taking Medicine?

Illustration of How To Deal With Easy Choking When Taking Medicine?
Illustration: How To Deal With Easy Choking When Taking Medicine? Bing

I’m 63 years old. I’m asthmatic. I’ve been taking inhaler medicine for 2 years. Now I get suffocated easily. And when I catch a cold it’s hard to come back. Sometimes my breath stops. It’s like my breathing valve is locked. What should I do?

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Hello, Nurbaiti Anwar, thanks for asking

If you mean easily choked by difficulty in swallowing, then your condition is called dysphagia. Swallowing is a complex process that requires the cooperation of structures around the neck, esophagus (esophagus), mouth, tongue, stomach movements, nerves and supporting muscles, to the brain. Functional or anatomical disturbances in one or more of these structures can result in difficulty swallowing, for example the following diseases:

1.    GERD/stomach acid disease

2.    Inflammation of the epiglottis, esophagus

3.    Lump in the neck that presses on the esophagus, such as goiter, thyroid disease

4.  Inflammation of the mouth

5.    Nerve disorders due to nerve irritation or problems in the brain (stroke, lump/tumor)

6.    Disturbances of the anatomy and innervation of the esophagus (achalasia)

7.    Psychological causes

To determine the cause, must be examined by a doctor. The doctor will do a complete physical examination, as well as carry out supporting examinations if there are indications, such as X-rays, CT-Scans, endoscopy, ultrasound, complete blood counts, and others. Treatment depends on the cause.

The things below may help in relieving your symptoms:

1.    Reduce the risk of acid reflux disease by: avoiding acidic and spicy foods, not wearing clothes that are too tight on the stomach, preventing obesity/overweight, giving at least 2 hours after eating if you want to lie down, eating little but often

2.     Eat and drink slowly, chew food well until soft, the amount of food eaten does not fill your mouth too much, eat not while talking or laughing, and avoid foods that are too hard

3.    Avoid smoking

4.    Control your stress

If symptoms do not improve, or get worse, such as vomiting, not being able to swallow food at all, shortness of breath, see a doctor immediately. That's it, I hope it's useful.


dr. Sarah Rizqia

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