How To Deal With Erection Problems In Men?

Illustration of How To Deal With Erection Problems In Men?
Illustration: How To Deal With Erection Problems In Men?

Good afternoon, I want to ask! R nI have been married for 8 months but I have not had sexual intercourse as I should have, I checked with a specialist doctor after checking the lab, the result was that my husband was deficient in the hormone testosterone (low), had injection therapy and was taking drugs Cialis based on the doctor’s prescription but it hasn’t been much better, what should I do? Are there any other actions? Can my husband get well?

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Hi Siti,

Erection is a normal response of the penis when getting sexual stimulation. Erectile disorders in which the penis cannot maintain an erection for penetration in medical language is called erectile dysfunction. This condition can be caused by various causes, namely:

Disorders of the male reproductive hormones, namely testosterone and androgens
Emotional disorders such as depression or nervousness
Physical conditions are not optimal, such as fatigue
Metabolic disorders such as diabetes (diabetes)
Long-term use of certain drugs
Too much masturbation
Have had an injury to the penis, spinal area, etc.

In the complaint you submitted above, your husband has received treatment in the form of hormone injections and erection-inducing drugs. Re-control is needed to the doctor who treats your husband, so that you can check your husband's current condition. The doctor will re-check hormone levels after therapy. In addition, generally hormone therapy is carried out not only in one session, but it takes several sessions to achieve the desired results.

Here are some suggestions for you:

Creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere so that the husband does not feel tense
Doing foreplay to stimulate yourself and your husband before penetration
Communicate with husband wisely in connection with this matter. The topic of erectile dysfunction is quite sensitive for men and can cause husbands to lose confidence or become offended if not delivered wisely.
Invite your husband to exercise regularly to increase stamina and make the body fit. Also recommend doing Kegel exercises to aid in erection management.
Apply a healthy lifestyle. Eat highly nutritious foods.
Get enough rest

The following articles are related to erectile disorders

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