How To Deal With Excessive Mood Swings?

Good morning. For the past few weeks I have experienced excessive mood disorders. I think it might be called mood swing because after I read the cause and everything related to mood swing is in me. My mood swings often occur when I feel I have no friends to tell all my life’s complaints and also mood swings can occur when I feel unsuccessful to be a good friend to people around me. Example: I am reminded of one bad thing my friend did but my input was not heard. I could immediately feel a very bad mood. I can be angry and feel guilty because I failed. Now that already makes me feel disturbed, because I can fight with my friends. From my problem above maybe there is a solution that can be given? Thank you in advance.

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Hello Surya, Thank you for the question.

Changes in mood can be experienced by anyone and is actually a normal condition if it occurs occasionally. Someone can feel happy, sad, disappointed, angry. However, mood swings that often occur and even interfere with your daily activities do need to be watched out because they can be caused by certain medical conditions. Some of the causes of mood swing are: depression, bipolar disorder, threshold personality disorder, certain diseases such as thyroid disease, impaired liver function, kidney, heart, or hormonal changes in women.

If it really bothers you, then the best step is to consult further with a psychiatrist. Doctors need to ask questions and answers in order to better understand your condition before determining the appropriate treatment such as psychological therapy or medication.

Meanwhile, please implement a healthy life to help stabilize the mood with adequate rest for 7-9 hours every day, consume nutritious food regularly, consume enough water, manage stress well, exercise regularly. You can try to follow meditation or yoga.

I hope this helps.

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