How To Deal With Eye Pain In Children Aged 2 Years?

Illustration of How To Deal With Eye Pain In Children Aged 2 Years?
Illustration: How To Deal With Eye Pain In Children Aged 2 Years?

Late night … I asked my child 2 years old 4 months … 5 days a day of red eye pain and swelling also came out … already I took treatment and was given antibiotics with eye ointment erlamycetin. if he cries strongly out of his eyes … is that dangerous … ?? what’s the process of healing the eye hurts a little longer huh … ?? mhn information … thank you

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Hello Indah Lestari, thank you for your question to

Red eye disease can be experienced by everyone, including babies and children. There are various things that can cause red eyes and swelling in children. Eye infections or allergic reactions can cause red and watery complaints. If the infection also occurs in the eyelid, there will be an inflammatory reaction in the eyelid (blepharitis) which results in a swollen and red eyelid.

Some conditions that can cause red eye include:

Conjunctivitis / inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye (the membrane lining the white / sclera). This inflammation can be caused by various causes, for example allergic reactions (called allergic conjunctivitis); trauma or irritation; viral infections that cause reddish eyes and are usually runny with clear and runny fluids; and bacterial infections, both mild and severe bacteria (causing inflammation accompanied by discharge in the concentrated, yellowish eyes, so that the patient has difficulty opening his eyes / sticky eyes). Bacterial infections that are severe and last for a long time can cause interference with the eyes and the tissues around the eyes (eyelids) and ultimately affect vision.

Keratitis or inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye. This condition can cause red eyes and decreased vision (if your child is able to submit a complaint, it should be noted whether the child complains that the vision becomes blurred, glare when seeing light, etc.). Keratitis itself can be caused by viral, bacterial, parasitic infections, and so on.
Inflammation of the whites of the eyes / sclera or episklera. But usually this condition occurs in older people (adults), it is very unlikely to occur in children.
and so forth

Treatment for red, runny, and swollen eyes must be adjusted according to the cause. If the condition is caused by an allergy, avoid the patient from the source of the allergy and give anti-allergic medicine. As for viral infections, anti-virus can be given, but if the cause is suspected or confirmed to be caused by a bacterial infection, treatment with antibiotics is needed (either eye drops, ointments, medications taken, or even injections).

Therefore, if your child's eye condition does not improve, my advice is to have your child re-examined by a pediatrician so that the doctor can see and examine your child's eye condition directly. If necessary, the doctor can also conduct a supporting examination such as examining secretions / fluids from the eye to determine the cause. In severe bacterial eye infections, the use of topical medications (drops or ointments) is sometimes not enough, and antibiotics may be needed which are given by injection or taken. The healing process itself depends on whether the therapy has been given or not. Normal drug administration can take up to one week or until the complaint disappears.

Meanwhile, keep your child's eyes clean by:

Prevent if children want to scratch or rub their eyes
Make sure your hands are clean before touching or giving eye medication
Do not expose your eyes to dust or other impurities
Warm compresses on the eyelids
Follow the doctor's advice in the treatment of eye problems (do not give eye medication other than what the doctor suggested)
Keep your child's immune system by multiplying water and consume nutritious foods (rich in nutrients and vitamins).

Also read: Types of Eye Pain You Must Watch Out for.

So, hopefully this is useful and hopefully your child's condition improves quickly.


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