How To Deal With Feeling Depressed And Cornered?

Illustration of How To Deal With Feeling Depressed And Cornered?
Illustration: How To Deal With Feeling Depressed And Cornered?

hello, I want to tell you … I’ve run away from home 3 times. but still ended up returning home. I feel very pressured by the attitude of my parents who are very demanding, enthusiastic, demeaning and even like to bring up the past that I have forgotten. now when I begin to want to structure my life better, they are again acting to make me who originally tried to improve myself become very depressed. I feel unable to stay at home with them. because it will make me more depressed. I’m in college in semester 3, every time I try to focus on my lectures, they always just easily destroy the mood that I painstakingly build. I’m not strong, I’m tired. when I last ran away, I really didn’t want to go back. I prefer starvation and cold out there, but mentally I’m fine than having to go back. unfortunately I still have a conscience that brought me back, I thought everything would change … but my parents only demanded that I change, not with them. I have two younger siblings, a girl and a boy who can’t even defend me or make me better. What should I do…?

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Mental health is one component of overall human health. Apart from physical health, it also needs attention from one's mental / psychological, as well as their interactions with the social environment. Mental health can be characterized by a state of calm and motivated to live everyday life. This can be influenced by the social environment around those individuals such as friends in college, family, and spouse.

In the condition of feeling depressed by the environment that feels cornering you, introspection needs to be done within yourself and the environment around you. You need to identify the things that are stressing you out and try to communicate them to your family or friends. However, it should be noted that by communicating this, two responses can occur, namely responses that are in accordance with your expectations or against your expectations. You cannot control other people's responses to your desires.

Feelings and problems that are in you need to be examined one by one, and recovery of feelings need to be done by yourself. Telling a friend, relative, or professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist can help you listen and give advice, but you need to think of the best solution for you and your own strategy and for yourself to resume activities and fit your life goals. Re-focus on yourself and your lectures.

Socially related is one of human needs and has its own function in human life. Humans cannot do everything alone and need others to be able to achieve a certain goal. Communication between several individuals with different mindsets and personalities is not easy, but it must be worked on slowly and slowly and takes time.

Naturally, if you are in a depressed condition and very human to feel that, and it is difficult to think in a depressed condition. If you find it difficult to share this with your family or relatives, you can ask for opinions from the university's counseling department or to professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists. You can get perspective from an objective party so that it can help you analyze conditions and sort out the options available to you.

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