How To Deal With Fever And Shortness Of Breath?

I do not cough but my body is warm and a bit short of breath but still able to speak not runny nose but am I Corona? And how to overcome it ??

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Basically corona virus infection or what is called COVID-19 disease has the main symptoms of fever and dry cough. Shortness of breath is only experienced by people who have severe illness, usually found in elderly people and people who have previous comorbid diseases. It is better to try to measure your body temperature first. If indeed you have a fever, try to recall the presence or absence of possible exposure to the corona virus such as a history of travel to a previously infected country, a history of contact with someone who has just returned from a previously infected country, or a history of contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 previously. If you have a clear history of exposure, you should immediately call 119 ext 9 to find out the flow of further examination.

If you only have a fever without a clear history of exposure, you are strongly advised to isolate yourself in your home and may not leave the house if you are not really forced. During isolation, you should sleep in your own room and avoid contact as much as possible with the people in your home. You must wear a mask at all times, except when you are alone in your room. You should be diligent in washing your hands and suggest everyone who lives in your house to do the same. Avoid eating from 1 plate with other people, and avoid using cutlery together. You also should not smoke to reduce your risk of experiencing severe symptoms if you actually experience this virus infection. If your symptoms get worse, call 119 ext 9 for further inspection.

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