How To Deal With Fever Never Went Down?

Illustration of How To Deal With Fever Never Went Down?
Illustration: How To Deal With Fever Never Went Down?

Tonight, I’m MM Alyssa. You want to ask. My child has a fever right now, even though he didn’t have a fever last night, but the night before he got a fever. His light is already 3 nights he has a fever with a fever sometimes. also. Do you want to ask, if my child, who is 2 years old or less 3 months old, is it normal for a fever to continue?

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There are recurring fever complaints and sometimes the fever rises, sometimes it falls for children aged 2 years less is a natural thing to happen and found, especially if in your two months your child feels a fever complaint once a month. This can happen because of the condition of his stamina and endurance, or because there are family members or playmates who are sick, so the disease is transmitted to your child.

In children aged 2 years, often complaints of fever or illness can immediately improve within 2-3 days with independent care administering fever medication and meeting the nutritional needs every day, so you can still do this maintenance effort as long as your child has a fever, but if the fever persists after 3 days, either the fever is not too high, or the fever that sometimes appears, then you should consult your fever complaint to your family doctor or your child's doctor.

In general, fever in children before the age of years can be triggered by several medical conditions, such as:

 Children fall Toothache Colds Coughs or sore throat Diarrhea Or because of skin panyakit like measles or chicken pox However, to find out the cause of complaints of fever, it is important that you consult with your doctor.

Meanwhile, prevention efforts that you can do to help prevent these fever complaints often appear or often interfere with your child, are:

 Reduce the habit of snacks outside the home, both snacks or instant foods that might trigger health problems Try not to have cigarette smoke around your house or around your child Remind other family members who are sick, so be careful of the transmission of the disease to your child If the child's condition You are tired or look tired, you should reduce the activity of traveling out of town or traveling far Enough to meet the nutritional needs of children and milk for your child Try your child has started sleeping since 8 at night, because the sleep needs of children aged 2 years are still quite a lot Be careful processing food oily or fried in oil conditions and how many times oil has been used. However, all of this still requires direct consultation and direct examination to your family doctor and or your child's doctor. Because it is related to children's health, it is necessary for the doctor to conduct a direct examination of both body weight, height, general condition of the child and examination of his body system. The results of the examination will provide information for the doctor about the general health of your child and the causes of fever complaints that are felt at this time.

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