How To Deal With Fish Allergies To Wounds?

I eat sea fish in my village, but how come when I eat fresh fish / sea / processed fish after I eat it feels itchy and bumps after that because it’s not strong enough to scratch it until it’s runny and wide. I am confused, is this dangerous? Why only eat seafood can be like that

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Food allergy is a reaction of the immune system that is wrong and excessive to a protein in certain foods. This excessive reaction causes when there is food in it will produce excessive immune cells that will cause the effects of inflammation such as itching, rashes on the skin, tightness, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, and swelling in the most common areas of the mouth and face.

Factors that affect a person more prone to allergies are a history of allergies other than food if someone experiences an example of allergies to dust or animal dander, the risk of food allergies occurs is higher than other people who have no history of allergies, a younger age is also more prone to allergies food but especially seafood such as shrimp, lobster, crabs, and fish often experience more severe allergic reactions and can last a lifetime.

Examination will be important namely a physical examination first to determine whether the true reaction that occurs is an allergic reaction based on the patient's history and symptoms that appear on the patient's body. Next will be a blood test to measure allergic antibodies, as well as a more specific examination is a skin prick test where this test will find the substance that is allergic to the patient so that the patient is expected to be able to know the substance and avoid the substance. As well as other tests that can be done is a food elimination test, this test is a reinforcement where foods that are suspected of allergic patients are asked to avoid for ½ to 2 months and then see if there are allergic reactions that appear. This series of tests will be able to uphold a patient allergic to anything and be the basis for avoiding allergic reactions in the future.

Things that can be done to avoid recurrence is to sort out which substances are allergic and need to avoid foods that trigger these allergies, it should also be noted that substances contained in a food such as someone with an allergy to milk should be careful to consume yogurt because the ingredients Basically it is milk. Moreover, it can be helped with antihistamine drugs if mild allergic reactions occur such as small rashes on the body and mild itching.

In severe conditions such as rashes all over the body, difficulty in breathing, the pulse rate greatly increases, the decrease in consciousness is a serious condition called anaphylactic reaction that must be brought immediately to the emergency room.

Further information about food allergies and anaphylactic reactions can be read in the following article.

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